Best Practise...Eating Healthy On The Go, By Jenna Hope

Creating a healthy lunch on the go can be such a challenge. You may be tempted to grab a takeaway on the way to a meeting or order through an app from your desk chair, but opting for a healthier lunch is going to have a greater effect on your productivity and energy levels throughout the afternoon.

It's simple and easy! Below are some top tips for helping you create a healthy lunch on the go.

1. Pack in the veggies

Vegetables are rich in micronutrients, water and fibre meaning they’ll keep you fuller for longer without adding excess calories. Get creative with your veggies, try stir-frying them, roasted veg (cooked the night before) or well-dressed raw vegetables. If you’re picking lunch up on your way to a meeting, make sure you’re opting for a dish which contains 2-3 portions of vegetables.

2. Opt for a good quality protein

Good quality protein is a key component to leaving you feeling well-fed at the end of lunch. Protein helps to maintain energy throughout the afternoon, prevents blood sugar crashes and consequent cravings. Chicken, fish, beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy and tofu are great options.

3. Wholegrains

It’s commonly understood how important consuming a fibre rich diet is for our overall health. The recommendations suggest consuming 30g.d. Switching your white refined grains for wholegrains helps to increase your fibre consumption and keep you fuller throughout the afternoon.

4. Eat slower and undistracted

Eating in a fast-distracted state is likely to disengage the brain from the feeding and digesting process. This means you don’t register how much food you’ve eaten and are more likely to feel hungrier at the end of your lunch. Therefore slowing down can help with satiety.

5. Divide your plate

If you’re making lunch at home below is a great way to visually qualify a healthy lunch. Aim for the following:

50% of the plate to be filled with non-starchy vegetables

25% of the plate to be filled with a protein source

25% of the plate to be filled with complex carbohydrates

Don’t skip the healthy fats though, view them as an accessory to add to your lunch without adding excess calories.

6. When you’re on the go:

Opt for wholegrain wraps and sandwiches, an adequate protein source, ensure 2-3 portions of vegetables and try to prevent consuming dishes with high sugar sauces!

There you have some top tips for making a healthier lunch.

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