Best Practise...How to get that office energy boost ft YourZooki

How do I become a CEO(Chief Energy Officer)? 

It’s hard to understate the importance of human energy - in both our personal and work lives. Our ‘energy’ can affect the quality of our interactions with others, our performance, focus and our own sense of peace and well-being.


A typical workday can drain energy from the office. This is made worse when working long hours, by the fact that time itself is a finite resource. However, energy is a different story. 


So how do I get that energy boost?


We all derive ‘energy’ from different sources - whether that’s through other people (energy is contagious after all), through our emotions, our diet, exercise or even our sense of meaning in the work we’re doing. 


While it’s difficult to give a single solution to address your energy, there are however certain ‘hacks’ we can do - and Vitamin C Zooki is one of those hacks. 


Not only does this powerful antioxidant help to support your immune system, but it also helps to fight tiredness and fatigue. This is because Vitamin C is necessary for a variety of metabolic functions in the body, including energy production. And because we use liposomal technology, it means your cells are able to absorb and use much more of the Vitamin C.


So how do you take Vitamin C Zooki?


Mix with water as part of your morning routine, drizzle on your breakfast or enjoy straight from the sachet if you get that afternoon slump. There are so many options, you just need to figure out what works for you and before you know it you could become your own CEO...

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