How Mental Health Informed Youth Can Be Change-Makers

If we can inform the youth about mental health, the hope is that it's not only those individual's who benefit but whole communities will too. 

International Youth Day, organised by the UN and celebrated every year since 1999, lands on the 12th of August. So, to celebrate youth around the world this year, we have dedicated this article to share how mental health informed youth could be the change-makers of the world. After all, the youth of today are the future!

More than ever before, the subject of mental health is popping up; people are having more open and frank conversations about it and are actively trying to improve their mental health by getting professional help or changing their lifestyles. So it feels like change is finally here!

To ensure that we don't move back to a time where people suffered silently, and mental health was something no one ever discussed, we need to keep opening up the topic of mental health and destigmatising it. We believe that younger generations have the power to do this.

Why Is Mental Health Informed Youth Important?

Informing young people about mental health is important for two main reasons - for themselves and others.

The first reason we need to inform young people about mental health is so that if they encounter any mental health problems within their life (1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health illness every year), they know how to deal with it. We need to make sure that young people feel confident to ask for help, have the self-awareness to understand if they're struggling and be aware of how they can support themselves when dealing with difficult times.

The second reason we need to inform young people about mental health is to be aware of what other people are dealing with, show empathy to those who may be struggling, and never judge or discriminate against anyone who is dealing with mental health problems. So they can help educate and inform others.

If we can inform the youth about mental health, the hope is that it's not only those individual's who benefit but whole communities will too. 

What Can You Do To Inform The Youth of Today About Mental Health?

Take The Concerns of Young People Seriously

There's a tendency for adults to brush off the problems of children, especially when it comes to worrying about things such as school and making friends in new environments. However, these things are incredibly important - remember how it felt when you were younger! 

So, taking the anxiety and stresses of younger people is an essential first step in letting them know that mental health is an open conversation that should be taken seriously.

Lead By Example

You need to set a precedent and show children that you take your mental health seriously, therefore encouraging them to do the same. Talk openly about what you do to support your mental health if you feel comfortable doing so, and lead by example.

Provide Resources To Young People

Try to provide mental health resources to young people as much as you can. Whether you share informative mental health social media accounts, promote youth mental health programmes and workshops in your area, or provide emotional support to someone struggling. Be the resourceful person that you needed when you were growing up and struggling.

Support The Mental Health Education of Young People

Whether you choose to advocate for youth mental health education in schools or donate to mental health foundations that support young people, do your bit to support the next generation's mental health education - education is fundamental for change!



Empower The Youth!

One of the most important things when it comes to informing young people about mental health is promoting confidence in opinions, as shown by the Mental Health Foundation UK programme, right here.

This means that we don't just need to tell young people about how they can improve their mental health and support others. Still, we must empower them to feel they can confidently talk about mental health and their opinions and thoughts on the topic.

The best ways we can empower youth to feel confident is by embracing each child's individuality, truly listening to and taking on board each child's opinions, and encouraging them to think independently.

 Let's help do our bit and help young people become change-makers that are informed about mental health!

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