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Yellow pages: Meet Postcard Colour Club

What is Postcard Colour Club?

At Postcard Colour Club we design postcards to be coloured, written and sent. 

Our postcards have different themes (from dinosaurs to cityscapes) and can be coloured with pens, pencils or paints. The postcards come with stamps pre-attached, so when you’ve finished writing, they can be put straight into a letterbox - no need to search for stamps!

Why should Juno members try Postcard Colour Club?

Postcard Colour club offers three things to our customers: calm, colour and connection. If Juno members fancy some of that they should give us a try. We also make a delightful gift.

How will Postcard Colour Club help Juno members' wellbeing?

In three ways.  

First, colouring is known to be a calm, mindful activity. 

Second, you get the chance to have some fun with different colouring styles, techniques and colour-combinations. 

And finally, sending a postcard is a great way to connect with friends, family or colleagues - especially when it's been lovingly coloured!

Can organisations commission a special order for their teams on Juno? 

Of course! We’ve designed postcards for companies to use internally with colleagues, or as a fun activity to use at home with family and friends.

We’ve also designed bespoke postcards for events such as weddings: where guests were given a special postcard to be coloured during the day and then sent back to the couple once they’d recovered from hangovers!

Give us one tip for achieving a great work-life balance

Be wary of other people’s advice, especially when you haven’t asked for it. Let your own discretion be your closest advisor.

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