Mindfulness in 15 minutes

“I don’t have time” I say at least twice a day. Even though I know I was scrolling through Instagram for at least 10 minutes this morning before I got out of bed and I’ll take a good 20 minutes before I settle to watch anything on Netflix tonight. So yes, the guilt trip is real and it’s true more than twice a day. I don’t think I have even 15 minutes spare to do something that would actually be GOOD for me. But the truth is, I do, and so do you.

So this week, I’m going to challenge myself (and you) to take 15 minutes away from Instagram and Netflix, and steer them towards something that can bring mindfulness to your day.

Mindfulness is the amazing experience of becoming self-aware with the present and being at ease with what is.

The powerful thing about mindfulness is that just 15 minutes, any time of the day and almost at any given place works wonders. If you’re trying it for the first time or you’re looking to implement a new mindful routine into your day, we’ve got 5 easy-peasy ideas (and Juno partners) to try:

The candle exercise:

Watching the flame of your favourite candle burn and flicker away, whilst sitting in a comfortable position, actually creates a form of meditation. Maybe something I’ll try this week right before bedtime.

If you’re short on candles make sure you oreder some on the Juno platform:

Ignium candles


Ardere Wellbeing 

Tea drinking

This is not your run of the mill drop a tea bag in the mug type of tea drinking. Take  your  time. Make it a ‘you’ moment and pay attention to all the sensory details you experience from the moment you start to brew it, till the last sip.

Stock up some well deserved tea:

Good Canteen

Tea Sparrow

Team Tea

Love what you eat

We’re busy, and not every meal can taste like it’s sent from heaven. But at least once this week, sit and enjoy a meal that you truly truly love. Be MINDFUL about it, think about the taste, the texture and flavours on the first few bites and reflect what you enjoy from them. Seems pretty simple, but we rarely stop and appreciate those first three bites that cause so much dopamine to run through us. 

Order one meal this week that you’ll truly enjoy:


Imperfect Foods


Mindful Chef


Switch on your mind and body

Yoga and meditation are not the only forms of exercise where you can reach mindfulness. A 20 minute run or a 30 minute cycle will make you conscious of your breath and get your heart pumping. Concentrating 100% for at least 15 minutes of your day on a physical activity is a mindful activity.

Try it out with these partners:






Art attack

Art activities such as colouring, painting or crafting can bring you to a semi-meditative state to calm your mind, lower stress levels and increase creativity and focusing skills.

Awaken your creative side with:

Postcard Colour Club

Ordinary Habit

The Clay Club


April is Stress Awareness month, so make this week count and try a new mindful activity to address the anxiety and stress of everyday life. You’ve got the points, we’ve got the brands. Jump onto the Juno platform to book your mindful experience today.

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