Outside the Box: Bambu's Alex

Introduce yourself...

I run a start-up digital marketing agency with my partner so our days are usually pretty hectic and long, especially since my partner is based in London while I’m based in Manila so the time zones stretch out the days to the max! My days consist of me running around pitching for new projects, launching and managing campaigns, looking after a team of digital marketers while trying to grow the business sustainably.

How does Bambu's workplace culture help you be your best working self?

Lately we have had a bit of a funky workplace culture with COVID locking us indoors. I live and work with friends who happen to also be our creative agency partners. We pretty much work, sleep, exercise, party and eat together every day. It’s somewhat of a frat house where I live and work with a strong start-up culture of information sharing, growth and development among all us peers. I would say this is the most unique and productive environment I’ve ever had the pleasure of working in thanks to the people I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself around.

How do you and your team stay creative and focused?

This sounds a bit cliché but we are always looking forward to the weekend. Once the weekend hits and we have the opportunity to take a break from work (as we have smashed all our work out during the week), the ice cold beers on the roof taste that much better. We also have a giant whiteboard we are always plotting down new ideas from business ventures, to food recipes and even monthly challenges some of which include giving up ice cream or 50 press ups every day.

What do you do outside of work to keep 'on top of your game' in work?

Yoga 2x a week and HIIT classes at least 3x a week. Working out and exercising really does help you focus and be more alert. It increases our energy levels and we have found the ‘yoga highs’ keep us calm and productive throughout the day. We also love to travel and surf so when our lockdown in Manila is over we are planning on hitting the beaches ASAP!

How do you keep yourself inspired?

I’m a social creature so I keep myself inspired by constantly building out my network with new connections. Even though I love working and hanging out with my partners and friends, forcing yourself to reach out and engage with other professionals is a great way to keep me inspired and continually learning, even during a global lockdown.

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