Participate in The Summer of Sport

Juno has partnered with Racefully, a leading provider of inclusive fitness and wellbeing engagement experiences for office-based and remote teams. 

The ‘Summer of Sport’ is finally here! And with plenty of sunny days ahead, now is the perfect time to build motivation and team engagement within your business with some fitness and wellbeing activities and challenges.

Juno has partnered with Racefully, a leading provider of inclusive fitness and wellbeing engagement experiences for office-based and remote teams. 

Your company, team or departments can officially kick off their Racefully subscription by celebrating the ‘Summer of Sport’, creating your very own internal wellbeing challenges and competitions. The ‘Summer of Sport’ aims to encourage and inspire people from all around the world to take up a fitness activity, even if it’s not at a professional level so that everyone can draw inspiration from their favourite fitness icons and sporting heroes. And we’re excited to help organisations around the world to join in and support their teams' rise to the ‘Summer of Sport’.

On Racefully’s global app, you can build an engaged community amongst your company, team or department and strengthen company culture and support employees by using this interactive, gamified and virtual fitness programme. 

How does it work?

Your team gets premium access to a platform that everyone can use, regardless of their fitness levels, whether they are fully remote WFH, hybrid working or office-based. 

10 reasons to use Racefully

1. Seamless integration: Team admins can sign up for a Racefully subscription through Juno and invite team members and employees to join an internal company competition or challenge.

2. Gamified wellbeing: Employees can join a company tribe (virtual fitness groups) to collaborate and compete against their colleagues through organised in-app Tribe challenges. (Tribes examples: Running, Cycling and Walking)

3. Global team engagement: Join a tribe to re-engage with existing colleagues or even meet new colleagues remotely. Regardless of whether your company is partially or full-time remote and no matter where they are based in the world, Racefully’s app works in over 100 countries.

4. An alternative to Zoom fatigue: Instead of planning yet another team quiz or cocktail hour on Zoom, think about the positive long-term impact that implementing a wellbeing initiative would have on team morale, team engagement and individual productivity.

5. A community of healthy and productive employees: Support your teams' physical fitness and mental wellbeing goals. Empower Tribe leaders/admin owners to set creative challenges for their Tribes and celebrate as everyone achieves their goals together.

6. No barriers to entry: Whether you're a fitness fanatic or someone who wants to keep fit, you can participate. Collaborative challenges allow anyone to get outside and record activity, no matter their ability or disability. All activity is recorded respectively and contributes towards Tribe leaderboards and challenges. It’s not about the speed or the distance, it’s about taking part. 

7. Progress tracking: Employees can keep updated with how their Tribes are progressing via bespoke intranet leaderboards, data dashboards and status updates.

8. Easy communication: In-app live messaging chat features and a dedicated news section lets your Tribe members stay connected with one another. Share pictures, motivational messages or share routes. Your team can communicate with other Tribe members in whichever way they want.

9. Why not raise money for charity as well?: Corporate fundraising is a great way to give back to society. You can link your challenge to the charitable cause that your team cares about most to raise funds and get behind a charity.

10. Celebrate awareness days with a genuine purpose: If you're looking for meaningful ways to celebrate days like Earth Day or Cycle to Work Day, participate in a competition with your teammates and colleagues!

Communicate, Compete and Challenge on Racefully. Register your interest in taking part in a Racefully challenge with Juno, and we'll let your team admin know!

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