Talking about building your personal brand with Good Soul Hunting

"Regardless of your terrain, now is an incredible time to take stock. To double down on “you-ness”

How do you show up in a world of uncertainty?


Whether you are in role, seeking a new role, or looking to make a bigger impact on your business, building your personal brand is a surefire way to make yourself indispensable. The cream always rises to the top.


Regardless of your role or who you are, adopting a growth mindset focused on elevating your personal brand can enable you to achieve more success, fulfilment, and happiness at work and in life. 


Having a personal brand gives you potency, clarity, direction, and helps you make decisions faster. Knowing the cocktail that makes you, you - allows you to dial up the things you are and want in your life and downplay the others to become a happier, more effective version of yourself. You win, other people win, and the business wins. It’s a triple-line profit. 


Creating a killer personal brand takes time, effort, and energy - and it should be fun. After all, it’s an investment in the biggest asset you will ever own - you.


Building your personal brand is an art and a science, and there are immediate actions you can take to make your boat go faster. 


1. Audit you 


Googling yourself is the first step to finding out how you show up in the world. This is how others find you. This is what others see. 


Then, it’s a case of reviewing your social media presence. Again, what does this say about you? What impression does your job title make? Are your profiles up to date and showing you in the best light? Are they overflowing with recommendations or completely bare? 


Mark yourself on the happiness scale - in your work life, your home life (perhaps you don’t even separate the two now), and how people perceive you. Consider what you’re proud of and what you’d still like to achieve. 


This allows you to identify your next moves. How could you be more effective in your role or more content in your personal life? Are there opportunities that aren’t coming your way? How do you become the star in that show? 


If you were to ask family, friends, and colleagues what you’re famous for, what would they say?


Ask five members of your circle to list three of your strengths and one thing they think you could develop.


2. Develop you 


Tech is accelerating and getting smarter. Are you? 

  • Know your why. 
  • Know your strengths.
  • Know your values.


Mind your mindset. Set ruthless rituals each day dedicated to your expansive learning. How can you, do you, better. Switch F words - see setbacks as feedback instead of failure. And trust the process - we are an accumulation of all our experiences. 


Some resources that may help...


3. Launch the new you


This is the fun bit. Taking all the data you have collected, start to build the new you and remember that like all product development, it should be completed in-market.


Get a new headshot you love that captures your energy. If you’re stuck for choice, ask your network which resonates best. Update this across all places your headshot shows up to build consistency. 


Update your bio with more spunk. Keep it clear and clean with touches of your attention-grabbing-uniqueness. 


Based on your strengths, decide what you are going to become famous for. What does everyone come to you for? Focus on the behaviours that strengthen this. 


Feed your mindset. Allocate learning time every day that you devote to self-betterment. There has never been such amazing education available to us than now and 20 minutes a day can change the trajectory of your life. 


Share your gifts every day at home and at work: write, speak, contribute, brainstorm, create, work, help, and pitch yourself into existence.  


Regardless of your terrain, now is an incredible time to take stock. To double down on "you-ness" 


There is no-one like you. No-one does you, like you. 


Own your kingdom. Do what you do because it’s right. Do it because it serves. And do it because it sets your soul on fire. 


So, as the world around us redefines us, take this opportunity to build the brand of you in 2021. 


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