Tap Into Your Creativity and See Your Happiness Improve

Want an exciting, fun, and therapeutic way to improve your mood? Welcome to the stage: creative activities. 

Studies suggest that those who are involved in arts and creativity-oriented activities have increased levels of positive emotions and a reduction in negative emotions, improving their overall mood as a whole, both in the short run and long-term!

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at exactly how you can boost your mood by tapping into your creativity and give you 5 ideas you can try out, right now.

How Can Creativity Improve Your Mood?

Being creative can help your mental health in a number of ways! Creativity helps to not only calm and focus the mind, but it actually induces a meditative state and can directly reduce stress levels.

Creative expression can even help you process trauma and work through mental health conditions you may be dealing with such as anxiety and depression.

Tap Into Your Creativity Now: 5 Ideas

From creative writing and painting to studying a language and cooking, there’s a world of creative activities out there that are right at the tip of your fingers. Let’s take a look at 5 ideas you can try out to get expressive!

  1. Art Activities

Art activities such as colouring, painting, or crafting can bring you to a semi-meditative state to calm your mind, lower stress levels and increase creativity and focusing skills.

Enjoy Art With:

Creative Kits - MYO

Garden and Art Kits - Pop Box 

Art Boxes - Lots of Lovely  (Great For Kids To Be Involved With Too!)

  1. Spend Time In The Kitchen

Whether you bake, cook a new recipe you’ve wanted to for a while, or go and take a cooking course, experimenting in the kitchen is a great way to express creativity and get something yummy in the process! 

Have Fun In The Kitchen With: 

Cookery Courses - Learning With Experts 

Plant-Based Meal Boxes - Planty 

Fridge Fills - Detox Kitchen

  1. Learn Something New

Learning new skills isn't just a great way to express your creativity, but it can also be incredibly beneficial to keep your mind active whilst also increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Dive Into Something New With:

Photography Courses - Learning With Experts

Floristry Courses - Learning With Experts

Emotional Wellbeing Classes - School of Life

  1. Get Into Gardening

Gardening is a great way to enjoy your creative expression in the long term -  watching your plants grow can bring can unending amounts of joy! Spending time in nature, even if you spend time around indoor plants, can improve your mental health significantly.

Gardening Courses - Learning With Experts

Terrarium Kits - Leafage

Indoor Plants - Patch Plants

  1. Make Your Home A Creative Space

Re-arranging, re-designing, and adding to your home can actually nurture your creativity endlessly. Why not take it a step further and think about adding things to your home that bring out your creative side on a regular basis?

Wellbeing Candles - Ardere Wellbeing

Weighted Blankets and More - Mela Comfort

Blooms Delivered - Bloom & Wild

Ready To Let Your Creative Side Go Wild?

You’re all set to express your creativity in any way that brings you the most joy! Why not try a few ideas out and see what makes you feel the best? 

Just remember, try to do something creative, just for yourself, on a regular basis!

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