Top 5 tips to keep a healthy wellbeing ft Vitl

Top 5 tips to keep a healthy wellbeing

A proud partner of Vitl, here at Juno we keep our users wellbeing our number 1 priority. Even BC (Before Corona…yes it is now a thing!) keeping a strong wellbeing isn’t always easy, in fact it’s blooming hard. Add a pandemic, social distancing and no Saturday branch's into the mix and it becomes near impossible. Here at Juno, we’re here to help and offer our 5 top tips to building a supported, sustained and strong wellbeing!

1. It’s ok to not be ok

A common phrase universally acknowledged but not actively adhered to. But right now, it really is a quote to live by. The norm is out the window, your office is padlocked and we are living through a pandemic - accepting some days will feel like a blurry, negative mess and other days you’ll feel on top of the world is something we at Juno feel strongly about. Take a deep breath, know it will pass and (try) focus on tip number 2…

2. Do that ‘thing’ that makes you happy

In the days that feel a little more challenging, dig deep and grab onto what makes you smile. Whether it’s a 5k run, baking a dreaded banana bread or in fact binging Grey’s Anatomy - if it makes you laugh, smile and have that surge of positivity, we’ll take it!

3. Keep connected (virtually)

We don’t suggest thumb scrolling for 5 hours a night - remember a posted picture isn’t always sunshine and rainbows - but we do recommend logging into the 12th Zoom quiz of the week with your best friends. You may not be able to hug them, but you can all laugh at the fact you’ve no idea what the capital of Malta is (it’s Valletta by the way…)

4. Just DO IT

That thing you’ve been thinking of trying but never got round to? Do it! It’s that simple. You may soon discover a new hobby (or you may discover you hated it and at least you can stop dwelling on it).

5. Keep routine…kind of

Do - get out of bed, have a shower, brush your teeth and change into your lounge wear.

Don’t - feel like you’ve failed because you feel mentally exhausted, drained and frazzled by 11am, forcing you to take a tea break and watch an episode of Come Dine With Me.

Routine is important, it helps get our brain stimulated and focused but it can also halt creativity and free thinking - and we all know this is where we work best. Go with the flow and listen to your body and mind.

Alongside Vitl, we’re here to help build a strong and supported wellbeing.

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