Why I Invested in Juno: Christian Owens, CEO of Paddle

Creating the right culture is a daily challenge – and opportunity – for businesses.

It’s iterative: you have to get in the right talent, nurture it, and proactively sculpt culture as it emerges. And, in the current macro environment, going above and beyond from the outset is crucial – to win and retain talent, but also to ensure the satisfaction, happiness of humans who are that talent.

This is why Paddle started working with Juno two years ago.

A company that has seized on the opportunity to bake in that satisfaction and happiness for employees, it also enables its customers to predicate their culture on the individual priorities and lifestyle choices of those who make up the sum of their parts. Its platform offers over 5,000 different services, experiences and products, utilizing a points system to enable individuals to select the benefits they want.

For Paddlers, Patch Plants and Grind are firm favorites – fuelling our love of coffee and vegetation, at the office and at home: as the world continues to settle into hybrid ways of working, employee benefits can no longer be restricted to fixed places of work. And Juno’s unique creation of a points-based economy also enables us to reward and recognise employees’ contributions in a currency that builds culture.

The level of support Ally and the Juno team provide is impressive – and matched only by their product and the business they’ve built. So I’m delighted to be both a happy customer of, and investor in, Juno, participating in their latest funding round.

Good luck Juno team. Onwards and upwards!

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