Why I Invested in Juno: Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of Heights

If we want a high performing team and want good things from them then we have to give them the opportunity to thrive when it comes to looking after their health and wellbeing.”

Why Are You Passionate About Workplace Wellbeing and Workplace Mental Health?

On a personal level, building Heights as a remote company came with lots of challenges I wasn’t anticipating or expecting. This made me passionate about the world of workplace wellbeing and mental health because most of us spend our time in the day actively working and therefore I feel like it’s our job and responsibility as an employer to maximise our employee’s happiness, health, and wellbeing throughout the month. 

This is particularly important to me as we don’t have a physical workplace environment and therefore we can’t put the more obvious wellbeing practices in place that we could. If we want a high performing team and want good things from them then we have to give them the opportunity to thrive when it comes to looking after their health and wellbeing.

What Has Been Your Past Experience Of Workplace Benefits and Wellbeing?

Honestly, mostly that workplace benefits in the past have been not that well engaged with, not that well thought through, and not that appreciated. 

So, What Is Unique About Juno’s Platform?

The flexibility, the customer support, the fact that our team is actually excited to use Juno and that they actively use Juno! A lot of the time you might put these more traditional and standard wellbeing practices in place and provide benefits but then find that no one on your team actually uses them - Juno changed the game here for us and we hear of our team discussing what they can do and what they’re going to support their wellbeing with, which I love!

What Excites You About Juno?

Honestly, as I say to so many people, what excites me is the fact that Juno has actually worked out how to make teams excited about using the platform. As a founder, Ally has great hustle, constantly listens to and implements feedback, and has made the experience super easy over the last year and a half as a customer - for example, when we wanted to do Peloton you just figured it out and it was not only inspiring, but made our life easy!

What Is It About Juno’s Team That Inspired You To Invest?

Definitely the customer service. The fact that I feel like a valued customer the whole time. The fact that my team have flawless opinions about you - if I asked everyone in our team to rate Juno on a scale from 1-10 they would all say “9 or 10” and that’s just the reality of how well Juno has done to make our journey into actionable employee wellbeing easy.

What Impact Do You Expect Juno To Have On The Rest of The World?

Well, I hope that Juno makes the world of workplaces a happier, healthier, and more joyful experience, whether working remotely or IRL. If you do that, I’m going to be a very happy investor, obviously!

If you want to find out how Juno can empower your team, click here to get in touch with a member of the Juno Team.

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