World Humanitarian Day 2021: #TheHumanRace

People and communities worldwide cannot go on without humanitarian aid, and they certainly cannot battle against the issues created by the climate crisis alone.  

World Humanitarian Day, held annually on 19th August, is a day that focuses on advocating for people around the world that are affected by crises, as well as for the humanitarian aid workers that support the survival, safety, and happiness of people globally.

Every single year, the UN chooses a specific theme to pay attention to, and this year, it has chosen to focus on the human cost of the climate crisis we’re facing.

In this article, we’re going to run through why it’s so important to celebrate this day, how you can do your bit to support World Humanitarian Day, as well as how you can continuously help #thehumanrace against climate change.

Why Is World Humanitarian Day So Important?

The UN states, “in 2021, 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection”, which will cost the UN and their partnered organisations alone $35 billion.

In addition, the focus of this year’s World Humanitarian Day is on the climate crisis, which is causing exponential chaos across the world for communities and aid workers alike.

People and communities worldwide cannot go on without humanitarian aid, and they certainly cannot battle against the issues created by the climate crisis alone.  

Therefore, this day advocates for increased humanitarian action, pressures world leaders to make progress with climate action, and highlights what humanitarian aid workers have to go through to help the world become safer, happier, and more secure.

What You Can Do To Support World Humanitarian Day

Firstly, by even wondering how you can help and support World Humanitarian Day, you are by definition a humanitarian (someone concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare), so good job!

Join #TheHumanRace

If you want to support the day actively, you can join the “world race against the climate crisis clock”, an actual race held on the exercise platform, Strava. You can request a Premium Strava membership with Juno through our Concierge service

#TheHumanRace is a challenge for anyone and everyone worldwide to run, walk, swim, cycle, or do any other kind of physical activity for 100 minutes in total between the 16th and 31st of August to show solidarity to those struggling.

There is also a call to action to put pressure on world leaders via social media about the immediate action needed regarding the climate crisis using the hashtag #TheHumanRace.

The UN suggests that each action taken on this platform will help them carry the pressurised message to world leaders about climate change at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021.

Donate To A Charity At Work

 If you’re an employer, now is a wonderful time to start supporting a charity in the workplace and letting employers donate. Two charities we currently have on Juno are NULA and W.R.A.S.

NULA (Nula Carbon) is a charity that helps individuals and companies offset carbon emissions by protecting threatened forests worldwide. It also provides informative and educational content about the climate crisis to inspire, educate, and support you.

W.R.A.S, or The Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service, is a charity based in Enfield that provides life-saving operations to wildlife all over the UK, shelters animals, and helps them find loving homes where possible. The charity relies 100% on donations to keep the centre operational, so you are making a difference to the wellbeing and safeguarding of animals in the UK when you donate.

Live In An Eco-Friendly Manner and Don’t Stop The Conversation

To support the climate crisis theme of World Humanitarian Day 2021 in an ongoing manner, try your best to live as eco-friendly as possible. Yes, this means recycling, reusing, and reducing carbon emissions and waste, but try to think outside the box too and have fun with it!

Why not try going vegetarian? Give cycling to work a go? Or spend a little more time in nature?

As well as actively living in a more eco-friendly manner if you can, make sure you don’t stop the conversation! The conversation of climate change needs to keep going, we need to keep educating ourselves, and we need to be informing others whenever we feel as if we can. 

So, let’s care a little more about the human race, for the humanitarian workers out there and those in vulnerable positions, as well as the earth!

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