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What is ARDERE?

The ultimate self-care company, ARDERE (pronounced ‘Ar-‘deh-ray’ meaning ‘to glow’) is a premium wellbeing lifestyle brand specialising in luxury aromatherapy candles and expert nutritional therapy. 

Why should users try you?

ARDERE's luxury Self-discovery Candle Collection and gift sets are all hand-poured in England. We pioneer scent therapy and promote non-toxic living, helping you to conquer stress in your life.

ARDERE candles use 100% natural wax and pure essential oils, with the longevity that you always crave, lasting 3x longer than your average candle (finally a candle that lasts!)

The signature collection comprises of 6 scents, each based on a specific therapeutic purpose and a luxury travel destination.

 Lighting our new sustainable Palo Santo Bundles are also the ideal way to cleanse your home and work space. They can help to clear negative energy, reduce anxiety and increase creativity and good fortune. With sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon, they have been used by Shamans during meditation for centuries.

How will ARDERE help Juno users wellbeing?

The holistic brand was formed by sisters Lauren & Nicole after Lauren was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and used the power of diet, non-toxic living and aromatherapy in facilitating her own recovery.

After seeing first-hand the profound impact of how these pillars can help improve your wellbeing, The Self-discovery Collection was born.

The sisters explored an area of research called Psychoneuroendoimmunology, which explores the mind-and-body connection. “We uncovered the studies which prove how scent has the ability to evoke positive emotions and memories, which subsequently have a positive physical response on the body. Scent has the ability to lower our stress levels and put us in a more calming state, as opposed to the “fight or flight” mode we see so much of modern-day life.”

Give us one tip for achieving a great work-life balance.

The quote “you can’t pour from an empty cup definitely rings true.”

Schedule in the time for you, just as you would a work meeting and even better, eliminate your exposure to micro-stressors during this time, such as switching off your phone and emails so that you can really unwind.

Personally, we love to use scent in the workplace to help with the transition of work/life division, we use energising and focus-inducing blends of essential oils to use as a prompt for concentration, then light our relaxing candle blends such as Reethi to signify the end of the working day.

Head over to the platform and use your points on an ARDERE experience!

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