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Yellow pages: Meet Clementine

1. Could you introduce Clementine to the community?

Absolutely - we’re a mindset company. Our mission is to help women overcome the struggles of everyday life like poor sleep, stress, anxiety and low self belief and build up their self confidence by shifting their mindsets from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

The way we do this is by offering digital access to cognitive hypnotherapy; a type of therapy that can transform thoughts, feelings and behaviours by teaching the brain more positive thought patterns. 

It’s a fraction of the cost of a therapist appointment and super relevant to women because the team who built Clementine are women.

2. What inspired you to create Clementine?

The inspiration for Clementine firstly came from my own experience of having an emotional breakdown about 7 years ago. I basically never really looked after my mind. I didn’t even know that I should. I was a workaholic, a perfectionist, a people pleaser and took life way too seriously. I was very tightly wound up. I also was obsessed with climbing the corporate career ladder. And so at some point something was going to give. And that point happened when I was pregnant with our first son. I consciously decided to ignore being pregnant. Worked like a crazy person and ended up in hospital because I was so stressed out. But that wasn’t enough for me to stop. It was when I had my first panic attack in a work meeting that I started to unravel. I quickly lost my voice and lost my confidence and that’s when I developed social anxiety when I was on maternity leave. I was having panic attacks all the time. I finally got help when I had to find a new job after taking voluntary redundancy. And to cut a long story short I found hypnotherapy which became such a saviour to me.

I used hypnotherapy on a daily basis. On repeat to help me sleep, help me prepare to go to work, help me at work when I felt wobbly. 

But it wasn’t until I realised that so many women were struggling with their confidence and anxieties in silence that I thought perhaps I could do something to help them. 

3. How can Juno members benefit from Clementine?

The sessions in Clementine have been developed by women for women, so first of all, we just ‘get’ what women are going through daily; at work and beyond. Whether it’s support around helping you mentally get back to work; teaching you to set healthy boundaries between work/home life or getting in the right state of mind in order to sleep well, wake up well and take on the day. The sessions have all been designed in a way that they can be easily slipped into your existing routine, so there is no need to carve out any extra time in already full lives in order to see the benefits.

4. Could you share a personal tip for achieving a great work-life balance?

First of all I would let go of the ‘striving for balance’ - After 42 years of striving for balance and never really achieving it, I’ve decided to focus on what I can control and that’s boundaries.

Only you will know what are important boundaries for you. I would make a list of all the things that are and aren’t working in your life. Then review the list and start asking yourself questions about why are they working/not working and then what can I do to change this?

Set a monthly meeting with yourself where you spend an hour each month reviewing your boundaries. 

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