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  1. Could you introduce Odhealth to the community?

Work one-on-one with a leading nutrition specialist to finally make your healthier vision of yourself a reality.


We offer the opportunity to work with the best nutritionists from across the UK at the lowest prices anywhere because our tech makes every step of the process easier and faster for everyone.

It’s the most effective, most personalised way to achieve your health goals. 

  1. What inspired you to create Odhealth?

We had both had our struggles with body image, health and the guilt and the fear that comes from not properly knowing how the food you're eating is affecting your body. We saw that the market was just littered with diet apps (and diet apps pretending not to be diet apps) and it made us angry. We could clearly see that the advice these businesses were providing was seriously lacking evidence and making false promises that kept people in a cycle of fad dieting. That's why we created Odhealth. We wanted expert advice that was tailored to us. There's literally no one better qualified to help you with your nutrition than a registered nutritionist and we wanted to be treated as an individual rather than doing the same plan as everyone else. We strive to make Odhealth the most effective, most personalised way to achieve your health goals.

  1. How can Juno members benefit from Odhealth?

We have specialists to help with a huge range of goals from weight management to fatigue & sleep or cholesterol and blood pressure. The best way to see if Odhealth can help you is to check out our page on Juno where you’ll find the full suite of ways we could help you. 

  1. Could you share a personal tip for achieving a great work-life balance?

Eat well, move everyday and get enough sleep - that’s the foundation and without it nothing else can happen. After that, keep sight of what’s important. For us that’s health, family and the wellbeing of our team and customers. We constantly ask ourselves whether our behaviour is serving those priorities and if it’s not then we change the way we do things.

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