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Yellow pages: Meet Renude

  1. Could you introduce Renude to the community?

Renude is an online skincare recommendation service, powered by clinical expertise and AI. 

We connect each customer to a dedicated licensed expert to assess the skin and build a personalised skincare routine based on goals, preferences and budget. We offer a seasonal membership service to provide ongoing skin support through messaging and routine tweaks as your skin changes. . 

We are also developing some very exciting technology to help make our recommendations the most accurate on the market.

  1. What inspired you to create Renude

Catherine and I met very serendipitously. We had both been working to solve this problem independently when we first met, and had our lightbulb moments for different reasons. 

My background is in skincare formulation chemistry and product development, having worked on some of the best-selling and fastest growing skincare brands on the market. I had been the go-to person for skincare advice for friends, family and colleagues for years, crafting bespoke routines in my spare time. As the word spread, I became inundated with requests and realised just how confusing the skincare space can be, and that there wasn’t anywhere to go for unbiased, professional and accessible advice. So I decided to create it. 

Catherine came to her own conclusion on this problem after supporting a close friend on his skincare journey. After months of trial & error, failed prescriptions and a severe impact on his mental health, he has asked Catherine, as a skincare superfan, for her help. Catherine took to online skincare forums and leveraged the data she found to create a personalised skincare routine for him. After seeing the results both in his skin and his mindset, and seeing how many others in these forums were struggling, she decided to dedicate her data scientist brain to helping people at scale. 

  1. How can Juno members benefit from using Renude

Through Renude, Juno members can access licensed experts from the comfort of their own home, for 5x less than they would pay at a facialist clinic (or for no cost at all if signing up to our redeemable membership service). 

Getting professional advice ultimately saves significant time and money on the expensive trial and error process commonly associated with finding your ideal skincare routine. Our aestheticians can help you get results and achieve your goals - for everything from hormonal breakouts to dehydration and fine lines.

Much like seeing the dentist twice a year, we believe checking in with a skin professional is the best way to keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible. 

  1. Could you share a personal tip for achieving a great work-life balance?

This is definitely a challenge for me and something I try to actively work on. 

Personally, I like to take as much time away from screens on the weekends as possible. Things like exercise classes, long walk with our scruffy pup Loki and creative hobbies are working well for me at the moment - I’ve recently taken up knitting but so far I’m quite terrible!

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