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What is Mindshine?

Your digital coach for a healthy mind.

Why should users try you?

Mindshine is designed to make personal development easy.

How will Mindshine help Juno users wellbeing?

We are the only app on the market that combines positive psychology and mindfulness with leadership coaching and neuroscience. Find your WHY and align your life with it.

Give us one tip for achieving a great work-life balance

Take a diligent break!

What does taking a diligent break mean? It means taking a break where you are not focused on the next set of tasks you have to complete or what you are going to make for dinner—but actually focusing on the break from the constant stimulation you are receiving throughout your (work) day. One way to take a diligent break is through incorporating a mindfulness practice, such as deep breathing exercises for two minutes or utilising the Mindshine App to guide you through coached mindfulness sessions.

Taking the time to actually focus in on yourself is one step towards improving workplace fatigue and reestablishing loving and nurturing you. Because our world places immense stress on constantly doing to be seen as successful, make your success incorporate self-care methods. Prioritize yourself and your needs, and see just how much farther this will take you in regards of your work-life balance.

Head over to the platform and use your points on the Mindshine experience!

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