Juno in the workplace

Here's how Juno is so effective at improving a team's overall wellbeing.


Everyone's happy. At a price you can afford.

If you're an employer, one of the biggest challenges is providing a 360º care and wellness package that is inclusive and meaningful. We let employers take care of the bigger picture, with one solution.

Huge variety of experiences

It's not just fitness on Juno. We offer tailored experiences based on a variety of needs. Young parents have childcare, fitness bunnies have classes, bachelors have house cleaning. It's up to them to define their own happiness.

One monthly membership

Pay just one membership fee, and provide so much value. Much better than having to keep track of every benefit you provide your staff. Your accountant will thank you.

Time & Cost Saving

Adminnnnn! Be gone! Juno is the single most cost-efficient and time-saving way to deploy your wellbeing budget. Having an on-demand platform that lets staff pick what they want, when they want it means no wasted time and a lot of savings!

Great Scott! Is that the future?

Did we tell you that Juno built a time machine to travel to 2024? We discovered that every workplace gave their staff a way to book their own wellbeing experiences, on-demand. We're cheating in a way, but don't tell anyone. Also, BUY BITCOIN. DO IT NOW.

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How it changes your organisation

From saving a ton of money and time, to creating a better work culture.


Keeping your staff

Simple calculation for how much you save to keep a member of staff. Ready?

Take your average salary divide it by two then multiply it by the number of annual leavers.

So, if you pay £50,000 on average, and 1 person leaves every year, that costs you £25,000 to replace and retrain their replacement.


Boosting productivity

When you're tired, stressed, unwell or checked out, the work will suffer.

Getting your staff to experience wellness more easily, and more tailored to them, will rapidly improve all of these markers.


Saving a ton of money

Why pay for any wellbeing service in advance? There are no guarantees that they'll be utilised by your team, and there's no guarantee it will work for those that utilise them.

The only smart way to do it is also the most cost-effective, which is to democratise your budget and let your staff decide on an individual level.

We find that our members save on average 40% on their wasted wellbeing spend.

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