Let's help you secure food and essentials

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many of you have been unable to order basic food items and household goods to your home. Here at Juno, we've assembled a taskforce to help people get what they need during this difficult time. By closely monitoring all supermarket sites, as well as sourcing a number of local grocers and suppliers, we have been successfully securing essential items for those in need.

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What can you order through Juno?

The Basics

Household essentials

Fresh Produce

Fruit and Veg

Virtual Wellbeing

100s of Digital services
Toilet roll, toothpaste, hand wash, detergent, headache tablets, pet food, other sundries.

From £20 for a box of essentials
High quality, fresh produce.
Vegetables and fruit from top providers. Milk, bread, eggs and cheese too.

From £25 for a mixed box of veg
Work out from home, see a doctor or therapist virtually, join a meditation session, or learn something new?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
We are a venture-backed employee wellbeing marketplace, based in London. We give employees access to hundreds of first-class wellbeing experiences through our platform.
What are Juno points?
Juno points is the currency we use on our platform. You can buy your own points package with any major credit or debit card.
What are 'boxes'?
We have designed boxes to make it easier for you to get what you need. There's a Household Essentials box, a Veg and staples box, a Premium Fruit and Veg box and a Weekly Shop box.
Can anybody use this service?
Yes. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have opened our service up to anybody that needs it. Whereas previously we worked directly with employers only.
Can I access the other experiences on the platform?
Absolutely. We've added a ton of virtual experiences that help with all aspects of somebody's wellbeing. You can get anything on the platform with Juno points.
How do orders work?
Once you place an order for what you need, we work with our suppliers to source what you need. Once we find it, we secure it for you and update you with delivery information.
How quickly can I expect a delivery?
It varies. Essentials are usually delivered within 3 hours of the order. For fresh produce and essentials, expect to wait up to 3 days for delivery. Most deliveries have been made within 48 hours.
How does Juno make money?
We negotiate concessions with partners and providers of our other services, and take a small commission from that. We don’t make money from the taskforce service.
Where do you operate?
Predominantly within the M25. However we have been able to source items as far as the Northeast of England, but there are no guarantees.
Will you take custom orders?
We'll do our best.
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