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Not just belly breaths and lunges! We’ve curated a comprehensive list of experiences to cover all aspects of wellbeing.

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Less aaaargh, more aaaah

Say goodbye to the admin, the expense approvals, the endless vendor procurement processes. We’ll handle it for you.

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All-in-one benefits

Points in practice

These are just a few ways teams can make use of their Juno Points. No matter how big or small the allowance is, there's something for everyone.

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60 points
Therapy Notebooks
Sustainable Deodorant
80 points
Sustainable Coffee Beans
Tea Box
Yoga and Wellbeing Items
100 points
Financial Coaching
Language Learning Service
150 points
Menstrual Cycle Care
Sustainable Home Products
Plant Based Meal Box
200 points
Pact Coffee
Counselling and Coaching
Terrarium Kits

Reward star performers

Give the V to vouchers! Juno Points are a much better alternative to reward staff for good work, birthdays and workiversaries!

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Wellbeing expert

We're the favourite part of the job

Your dedicated Juno Wellbeing Expert will work with you to engage and delight your team.

All-in-one benefits

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Hundreds of options

Juno gives your people access to hundreds of services, products and experiences aimed at supporting their lives inside and outside of work.

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Support your wellbeing local or in-person purchases and expense it with Juno Points. No admin hassle, no receipt reconciliation, everything is managed through Juno.

Juno Card
Truly Flexible Features

Virtual Juno Card

We  support your team to use their wellbeing allowance in any way that suits them, no matter where they are, with our Virtual Juno Card. We've got your global team covered!


How Juno is empowering workplaces

Jamie Ray
Co-founder, Buttermilk

Juno is a revelation for us, We used to spend a lot of time and money on activities that weren't being used by our staff. Juno's helped us keep our staff productive and engaged and it's saved us a ton of money and time. We were eager to show we were a caring company and now we're cloder than ever to that mission.

Sarah Loussaief
Office Manager, Stuart

Juno is a great platform; we love the fact that you can manage everything virtually and have everyone in one place. Plus, we found that Juno is completely aligned with our values and our views on work-life balance. I had seen two other similar platforms, but Juno's vibe and interactions with their team were so lovely and resonated with us. So there was no doubt in my mind that Juno would be the best partner for us.

Mitra Moin
Employee Experience Manager, Oyster

Juno continues to provide flexibility for people to seek enjoyment - work should enable you to find joy both in and outside of work. People can spend their Juno points to make them happier and encourage them to grow in a positive way.

How Juno helps businesses

With Juno, not only is your team's wellbeing looked after, but your budget and time too!

One invoice and minimal admin
Pay only for what your team wants
Support your team wherever they are
Keep up with your team's engagement score
Benefit from exclusive HRIS partners and integrations
What Juno could do for your team

Frequently asked questions

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How much is this going to cost?

The minimum pricing to get started is $3.5/£2.5/€3 per month per person and you can set your monthly employee wellbeing allowance, starting at $42/£30/€35 per person. Pricing can be specified based on your preferred currency, as shown on our Pricing page.

Is there a minimum contract length?

Nope, we’re a subscription. Cancel any time you want.

Are orders in Juno made in real-time?

Some are automated, some are not. We have a concierge team on-hand taking care of orders within 60 minutes or less.

Can points be shared amongst colleagues?

Yes! For occasions like birthdays, workiversaries, and bonuses.

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