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Juno gives your people access to hundreds of services, products and experiences aimed at supporting their lives inside and outside of work.

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Wellbeing Budgets
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Points in practice

pp / mth
Vitl Vitamins
Nez Local Food
Financial Advice
pp / mth
Organic Veg Box
Essential Oil
Mental Health Toolkits
pp / mth
Loose Leaf Tea Box
Barry’s Bootcamp
Speak to a Nutritionist
pp / mth
Brain Training App
Indoor Plant
Matchable Upskill Membership
pp / mth
House Cleaning
1:1 Online Therapy
Blood Test Kit
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"87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer."
- The Virgin Health Miles
available worldwide

People first. Remote first.

Wherever your team may be, Juno is able to efficiently secure a flexible network of local providers that will cater to all their needs.

28 cities, 16 countries and counting..
Scalable benefits
For all shapes
and sizes

With Juno, small teams get big benefits for a tiny price. Big teams get scalable, time and tax efficient benefits and support.

remote by design

Wherever your team may be, Juno is able to efficiently secure a flexible network of local providers that will cater to all their needs.

11+ categories

Not just belly breaths and lunges! We’ve curated a comprehensive list of 500+ experiences to cover all aspects of your team's wellbeing.

on time, on budget
Reduced admin
and expenses

By giving everybody their own budget to spend on the Juno platform, and putting them in charge, companies don’t waste time and money on unused benefits.

people first
taken care of

Our concierge service, coupled with our platform with hundreds of experiences leads to a real, meaningful impact to people at work.

Reports and
team health

Dashboard for real-time anonymised data and reports analysing team engagement. Juno Health Tracker for monitoring your team's health across 4 wellbeing metrics.

Juno's impact on the community

jamie ray
Co-Founder, Buttermilk

"Juno is a revelation for us. We used to spend a lot of time and money on activities that weren’t being used by our staff. Juno’s helped us keep our staff productive and engaged and it’s saved us a ton of money and time. We were eager to show we were a caring company and now we’re closer than ever to that mission."

Alex van Klaveren
CEO, Kandidate

"Given the difficult times we are all experiencing combined with the shift to a remote first set up. I wanted to have something in place that would engage and support everyone on the team. The problem I faced is everyone is different and I ran the risk of not being able to please everyone. With Juno it was clear that they understood employee support on a deeper level and by exposing my staff to a curated set of experiences and services and giving the team choice to decide what works best for them I would achieve the profound impact I was looking for."

Caroline Matthews
Co-Founder and MD, Koto

"It is paramount for businesses to invest in and take care of their employees, Juno is helping Koto do just this.  Great friendly service that makes everyone feel important."

One invoice and minimal admin
On budget
Pay only for what your team wants
Track wellbeing and engagement levels
Support your team wherever they are
500+ services and experiences
On demand platform
Carefully vetted partners
Designed with real life in mind
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Frequent questions

How much is this going to cost?
The average is £45 per month. That’s about 1.5% of an avg monthly salary. The minimum to get started is £24 per month per person.
Is there a minimum contract length?
Nope, we’re a subscription. Cancel any time you want.
How much would £40 get someone?
Enough for 3 hours of Housekeeping, a yoga class, a short intro to programming, and a veg box.
What analytics do you offer employers?
Anonymised usage data, most popular experiences booked per month, engagement rate, and so on.
How many experiences are on the platform?
As of June 2020, there are 500+ top-class experiences on the platform. We add about 15 providers a week.
Are orders in Juno made in real-time?
Some are automated, some are not. We have a concierge team on-hand taking care of orders within 60 minutes or less.
Can people request other experiences?
Yes. Members have used Juno points to pay for babysitters, jui jitsu memberships, even plumbers!
How does Juno make money?
We negotiate concessions with partners and providers and take a small commission from them. We don’t make money from employers or members.
Can points be shared amongst colleagues?
Yes! For occasions like birthdays, workiversaries, and bonuses.
Are there any set-up costs?
Absolutely not!
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