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We’re proud to partner and work with one of the leading Mental Health platforms in the world to bring you a week of content, all aimed at driving stronger wellbeing and mental health. Healing Clouds is a global platform that offers online mental wellbeing therapy sessions anytime, anywhere.

Starting Monday, we’ll bring you something new every day to engage with - from a live webinar to a group meditation, join us! We’re so happy to have you.
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Webinar - 'Mind-body Connection'
Join us at 11am BST from your living room, wherever you are in the world and listen in on our first joint webinar as we explore ‘Mind-Body Connection’. This is an interactive wellbeing webinar by Healing Clouds in collaboration with Juno and a panel of accredited therapists and wellbeing advocates. Join Sandra Horley, accredited Psychotherapist and Tayla-Michelle Bestbier Specialist Wellness Counsellor and Consultant, alongside Ally Fekaiki and Verity Roach of Juno.
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Social Takeover
It's time to spice up our social media game. Healing Clouds is taking over our social media for this week. Join us on this adventure and learn smarter ways to meet your mental health goals. Let's have a round of applause and welcome team Healing Clouds!
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wednesday 21st
Lunchtime Meditation
A mindful break from work helps you pause, refresh and align your mind. This FREE "Lunchtime Meditation" guided by our therapist will help you with tools and techniques to achieve an optimal mind-body posture. Join and meditate with us during your lunchtime break to welcome the rest of the day with a positive outlook.
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thursday 22nd
Guest Blog
On Thursday we'll bring you our guest blog of the week from Healing Clouds, check back soon!
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Sandra Horley
Accreditation: British Brainworking Research Soceity • National Counselling Society UK

Sandra has been in the education and therapy environment for over 20 years, having graduated with B.A. Hons and becoming a teacher. She has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills. A Professional Diploma from The Essex Institute (EICH) to permit her to work as a Registered Psychosexual Dysfunction Specialist, Registered BWRT (Adv.) Master Coach, a member of the British Brainworking Research Society and the National Hypnotherapy and Counselling Society.

Brainworking Recursive Therapy at Level 1 allows her to work on General Psychopathology and Level 2 has given her advanced training in Psychology of Identity & Behaviour which has enabled me to work successfully with a number of different psychological issues. She is now training further to become a Level 3 Practitioner to work with psychology, physiology and to help people to build a stronger mind and body connection.
Tayla-Michelle Bestbier
Wellness Counsellor
Accreditation: Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP)

Tayla is a post graduate in Psychology and a post graduate in Industrial Psychology (Cum Laude). She is trained and specialised in addictions and has a keen interest in human development.

She has been consulting for corporates for social investment, training, and established her own practice for counselling and human development.
Angela Morton
Life Coach, Counsellor, and Hypnotherapist
Accreditation: Council for Counsellors in South Africa

Angela's work is holistic and with her clients she addresses thoughts, feelings and actions as well. She works face to face as well as on line with a variety of clients from 16 years upwards, in groups, couples and one on one.

Using the tool of hypnotherapy in addition to counselling, she helps her clients shift their limiting beliefs and start rewiring healthier ways of being with more clarity of purpose and direction. Her work is holistic and she addresses thoughts, feelings and actions as well.

Her other passion is birth and she also works as a doula (birth coach). Angela lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.
Kaylee Julian
Wellness Counsellor
Accreditation: Council for Counsellors in South Africa

Kaylee is a trained expert in Trauma Counselling, Emotional analytical Therapy, Behaviour and motivation, Relationship Counselling, Cognitive Counselling, Narrative Counselling, Play therapy and Teenagers Counselling.

She helps people identify, understand and work through underlying causes such as trauma, loss, relationship problems and other possible psychological and emotional challenges.
Verity Roach
head of marketing, juno
Ally Fekaiki
founder, juno