The Guide to Better Health

Use this guide to improve your physical health. At the bottom, we have experiences you can use your points to book and feel better.


Try starting with what you're putting in your body

It might sound obvious, but if you're planning on making improvements to your health, the first focus has to be what you consume. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine all have an effect on your motivation. You have to be motivated and disciplined to start getting fitter. Once you cut those things out, you'll feel better and exercise more readily. Also, sugar, fast food, alcohol and caffeine all affect your mood and your metabolism, often for the worse.

Design exercise into your life

It's a lot easier to clock more exercise hours if it becomes integral to your daily life. Things like getting off the tube one stop early and walking to work, cycling to the office, or jogging to the brunch spot on the weekend are all smart ways to integrate physical exercise into your routine. Once you've done that, it's much easier to make it a habit that sticks.

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Be careful about what you expose yourself to mentally

Some things are better left alone, and there are many sources of stress that needlessly wear us out. For example, procrastination is one factor that leads us to needlessly suffer. So is getting involved in office gossip, discussing politics, and agreeing to do unnecessary tasks at work - these are all things that drag us down and don't have a lot of value. Be mindful of that.