A fortnightly hangout for Heads of People and HR professionals
Are you an HR or People Professional?

We've set up a space just for you, to talk about pressing topics, get advice, discuss challenges you're having. Every two weeks, we'll host an hour long video call and you'll connect with peers.

To start, this will be a free flowing conversation, and all are welcome (as long as you're an HR or People professional) and, over time, these meetings will improve and evolve.

We know how hard it is to connect, and we also know that People matters are tricky right about now. We want this to be an opportunity to get through this with collective wisdom and experience.
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starting 13th jan 2021
11:00 am bst
talk to people
Common space
Our workplaces are going through unprecedented changes. Now more than ever, our industry needs a safe space to share ideas and discuss concerns about the future.
Be more human
The aim of this initiative is simply to reconnect. No agenda. Just an opportunity to talk to others again.
Positive change
By sharing, learning and being generally more human in our approach, we will ultimately make better decisions for our people and society at large.