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Partner with Juno, make a genuine impact.

Build your community

Tap into a huge, growing local professional market and build your community.


We do all the work, you can get your services on the Juno platform quickly and easily. No admin or hassle.

Have genuine impact

Juno’s partners are selected for the positive impact they can have on the health and wellbeing of Juno’s members.

How Juno works
in 3 steps

You add your services on Juno’s platform, through our specialist team.
Juno members use their points on the platform to redeem for what they need.
Our specialist team fulfils the whole booking process on behalf of the member. It’s a complete, end-to-end solution.

Partner with Juno

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As of 1 November 2021, we are operating a waiting list for brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Juno cost?
The minimum to get started is £24 per month per person. The average is £45 per month. That’s about 1.5% of a monthly salary.
How does Juno make money?
We add a very small margin onto services booked, which is why it’s essential for concessions to be made for Juno members.
How does Juno connect with partners?
We can add partners almost instantly. As a concierge-style service, we treat each partnership on a case-by-case basis.
Do Juno members pay out of pocket?
No - employers pay a monthly subscription that covers each staff member’s points package. Members can buy their own top up points if they like, however.
What is the average spend per employee?
The average spend is £45 per month. Employers can start from £24/month and spend as much as they like per employee.
What are your member projections for 2020?
We are projected to have 5,000 members in London alone by 2021. Each with the average subscription of £45 per month.
What’s the minimum a partner needs to start?
As a partner, the minimum required would be a price concession for Juno members. These concessions, range and are generally case-by- case.
How often will a partner get paid?
Depending on the case, it’s either immediately as an order is made or every 28 days.
What cities do you operate in?
Primarily London. We also cover Newcastle, Sunderland and Dublin.
Will you expand your coverage in 2020?
Our aim is to be in three countries by 2021.
What member data do you send to partners?
We are very careful with members’ data, and so we pass just the essential information you require to carry out your service (Name, DOB, mobile number, address).
What analytics do you offer partners?
We currently share monthly insights on usage, revenue, reviews and feedback. We are actively developing the analytics offered
Is there a minimum commitment period?
Most of our partners agree to a 90 day minimum commitment to provide experiences to members.