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July 7, 2020
Rosie Connors, Koto

Introduce yourself...

I’m part of the (kick-ass) client services team at Koto which means I look after the projects and the client relationships in the studio, making sure everything sails smoothly and joyfully on a daily basis.

How does Koto's workplace culture help you be your best working self?

The team and companionship at Koto is everything and I’m very lucky to get to work with such talented, down to earth and funny people. I keep my best working self by supporting them and allowing them to support me as we work through everything together - it sounds horrendously cliche but there’s no problem we can’t fix when we all come together and we usually end up laughing lots about everything. That, and some insane experiences like a summer party in Mexico and a monthly subscription to Juno, recognising that feeling good comes in a different way for everyone.

How do you and your team stay creative and focused?

I think we stay creative and focused via constantly sharing information and instigating conversation around  industry topics and more general current affairs and social causes. We have three studios but only one Koto team so there's lots of interesting conversations that happen cross-studios. Also, during lockdown we’ve been making breakfast together on Zoom, encouraging ‘walk and talks’ to get outside and pulling together the odd quiz here and there!

What do you do outside of work to keep 'on top of your game' in work?

I started running a few years ago and it’s a tool I use to manage stress and anxiety - although I’m still learning how to use it because it’s the first thing to fall away when I’m busy which I'm aware is very backwards!

How do you keep yourself inspired?

I keep myself inspired by constantly learning from the Koto team around me, on all sorts of levels both practical and emotional - working closely with people allows you to do that! I also make sure that I seek out more information on things I’m curious about because if there's curiosity it means you are open to learn. That could be through reading, podcasts, documentaries etc.

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