A better life, in two taps.

Juno is the hub for feeling good, whether that's at work or at home. The best bit? It's all paid for by your employer.
Just click button, feel good.

Points not perks 🤬

Let's be frank: discounts and coupons are cool, but they're not thaaaaat useful. And they certainly aren't going to change your life. Instead, you get a set number of Juno points® every month, guaranteed to get you a few awesome experiences; whether that's yoga or housecleaning, HIIT class or hypnotherapy.

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With you every step

Juno's mission is to bring happiness to millions. We're not going to do that with just a booking platform; Juno is much more than that.

Tailored guides

Through our expert research and tailored content, we'll sit in your pocket to help whenever you need. Want to improve your sleep? Handle a breakup? Battle burnout? We've got you covered

Incredible customer service

Our team are at hand to help. We're a people first organisation (obviously), so our priority is to work with you to make sure you get what you need; efficiently and conveniently.

Concierge service

With our Gold and Platinum packages, you can ask us...well, whatever. As long as it's wellness related, we'll help you spend your Juno points® on whatever suits you.

Sometimes best shared with friends

Your Juno points® are yours to do what you like. One of those things, is to share the joy with friends or colleagues. Want to show your gratitude or recognition for a job well done? Send your points easily and share the love.