Keep everyone happy in one hub

The most D&I friendly programme you could get. Forget the fifty-million different services and providers. Juno has it all, under one roof. From wellbeing, mental health, gyms and L&D.

Less aaaargh, more aaaah.

Say goodbye to the admin, the expense approvals, the endless vendor procurement processes. We’ll handle it for you.

Global coverage, ultimate flexibility

Juno is the only provider that can support your team, no matter where they are. From Mexico city to Macau, we’ve got something for everyone.

Juno's marketplace, concierge service and VISA cards mean complete flexibility.

Your team's health at a glance

See an actual difference for you team. With Juno’s Team Health score, you can access an anonymised glance at how your team are doing.

Reward star performers

Give the V to vouchers! Juno Points are a much better alternative to reward staff for good work, birthdays and workiversaries!

Bring everyone together

Your dedicated Juno Wellness Manager will work with you to engage and delight your team.

Join the best* workplace
wellbeing programme

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* Not just in numbers, but in real-life impact.
We empower people - that’s what makes us the best.


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