Do it all with Juno Points

With your Juno Points allowance, you can define what wellbeing means to you.

Find your happy

Discover hundreds of your favourite brands and new exciting experiences, anywhere in the world, from Beirut to Berlin.

Pick what works for you

Use your Juno Points to pick and choose what works for you. Select what you want, we do the rest.

Cover your subscriptions

With Juno Cards, you can even cover your gym, health insurance, app subscriptions and way more.

Show your appreciation

Give thanks in a meaningful way by sending Juno Points to teammates for birthdays, anniversaries or a job well done.

Don’t see it? Don’t worry

Our concierge team’s on hand to help with all kinds of wellbeing and lifestyle requests.

Track your wellbeing & health

Our NHS-backed well being tracker and smart algorithm lets you track and improve your mental and physical health.

Make a plan, stick to it

Build a tailored wellbeing programme that you can follow to boost your overall health and happiness.

Serin says...

member since january 2020

“I love being able to pick and choose what works for me. The customer service and team are amazing as well. I can't believe nobody thought of something like Juno before.“


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