The Guide to Beating Stress

Use this guide to overcome feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or stressed. At the bottom, we have experiences you can use your points to book and feel better.

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Try reframing your stress

One thing to bear in mind in all times of stress is that the experience will strengthen us for future events. Research by the University of Buffalo found that stressful experiences, big and small, equip us to handle future situations. It all boils down to experience. It can be helpful to look at stress and think 'how can I learn from this experience to better prepare for the next occurrence?'

Try digging for the root cause

Your reaction to, and your definition of, stress comes from somewhere. Moreover, the way you feel is not in a vacuum, it's affected by lots of things; the economy, politics, even the weather. Out of your control obviously. Now, onto the things you can control; be mindful of your sensitivities, triggers, habits and beliefs that may bring about stress. Try to be aware of your instinctual responses to certain situations and don't be afraid to work on them.

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Try re-assessing your relationship with control

Feeling out of control, lacking autonomy, falling without a parachute; these are all triggers for stress and anxiety. Understandable. Just like the previous points in this guide, it's important to identify what's causing that feeling of captivity. Once you've identified those factors, such as an overbearing manager, ask yourself what you can do to shift that situation for good. Don't forget what you're made of, and don't be afraid to state your boundaries - and in this case, tell your manager to F*&K off- constructively, of course.