Working At Juno

What's life like at Juno?

We're committed to our culture, values and the happiness of our employees

We're here for the ride

We Juno'ers know we are on an incredible journey to reinvent the way employees experience work. This truly is an adventure, and it’ll have ups and downs. Still, we want everybody here to enjoy their work and to build a great culture together.

A shared vision

Juno'ers believe in our vision: for Juno to impact 1 Million employees' lives by 2025.

We are all rowing in the same direction to bring positive change to more people.

Walking the walk

As an employee wellbeing brand, it's important that we set our own example. What you can expect whilst working at Juno:

- Work anywhere in the world
- £100 per month worth of Juno points
- 31 days holiday
- £1500 per year on WFH and tech
- Enhanced Maternity and Paternity leave
- An inclusive, open and fair culture

We're dedicated to our culture

The commitment to values and culture is how each of us are judged at Juno.

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