6 Great Companies For Remote Working

Whether you want to try out life in a new country, work from your favourite coffee shop on a more regular basis, or work from home to ensure you can maintain a good work-life balance, a company that offers remote working is clearly something you need!

Add on some wonderful benefits that support working remotely and you’ve got yourself a career that truly supports the way in which you want to live!

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Here are 6 companies that offer great benefits for remote workers, so if you’re looking for your next job or you’re wanting to see the game-changers in the world of work, keep reading!


Ankorstore is a marketplace that connects brands and creators with shops all over Europe - the marketplace offers a product catalogue of over 20,000 European brands to retailers.

Since being founded in 2019, Ankorstore operates across 26+ European countries and has partnered with more than 100,000 retailers and concept stores - the marketplace showcases authentic products and is taking on corporate e-commerce giants one connection at a time.

Why Ankorstore is great for remote working:

  • Provides freedom and flexibility in every aspect whilst supporting exciting career opportunities locally and internationally with the help of mentors.
  • Offers workplaces that suit you - remote, hybrid, or working full time from one of their Paris,London, Berlin, Amsterdam, or Stockholm offices.
  • From day one the team has been distributed throughout Europe and currently the team supports diversity, with representation from 45+ nationalities.
  • Offers the best health and dental insurance available in each location that the company operates.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Ankorstore: “Energetic and supportive culture - everyone is really willing to help each other when needed! Big focus on people - we have a great people team in place and do monthly surveys to check in with how people are feeling.”

See more information about what Ankorstore offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Horizons is a trusted leader in expanding businesses globally in a variety of aspects. Horizons supports businesses, from startups to large enterprises, to hire professionals in 150+ countries & regions around the world, without the need to set up legal entities in each country, and is the only Global Professional Employer Organization with an in-house recruitment team.

Horizon’s mission is to take away the risk and bureaucracy from companies that want to expand their business and help companies hire top talent effortlessly.

Why Horizons is great for remote working:

  • Currently has a team of employees from far-reaching countries across the world, and actively celebrates diversity with a team of more than 24 nationalities. 
  • Supports relocation opportunities with 12 distributed offices worldwide.
  • Strongly promotes work flexibility and work-life balance by offering generous paid leave and flexible working hours.
  • Focuses on internal growth and development for all employees.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Horizons: “Employee-oriented culture, with an accent on life-work balance. 100% remote working Great onboarding process. Top-of-the-line work devices.”

See more information about what Horizons offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Monese is reimagining the way that banking works and making it easier for everyone to manage their money, wherever they may be in the world. Allowing you to open multiple currency accounts, helping you build your credit score, and track your real-time spending, Monese is changing the future of money management.

Monese is one of the most popular and trusted financial services across Europe and is committed to being inclusive, progressive, and enthusiastic in every way.

Why Monese is great for remote working:

  • Offers hybrid working from state-off the art offices or fully remote working.
  • Provides learning and development budget and prioritises growth within the company.
  • Supports flexible working hours and offers 5 weeks of annual leave.
  • Provides technology and resources, such as MacBooks, that you can use to work from wherever suits you.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Monese: “Supportive and collaborative culture empowering people to drive the company forward.”

See more information about what Monese offers and the open job positions currently available here.


PayFit is a payroll software for companies with up to 500 employees. PayFit’s software helps companies to automate their payroll and simplify payroll tasks using cloud-based software that’s HMRC-approved.

PayFit is committed to transforming human resource management and making a positive impact on the world of work, from the environment and companies to employees and their partners.

Why PayFit is great for remote working:

  • Operates a "Work From Anywhere" policy but also offers work from the company’s Paris, Barcelona, London, and Berlin offices.
  • Promotes flexible working hours and supports you to work abroad for up to 6 months of each year.
  • Provides employees with health insurance and gym memberships.
  • Offers technology and resources needed to work from home, such as MacBooks, in addition to a work-from-home budget.

5-Star Glassdoor review of PayFit: “You can learn a lot from the people here. They all enjoy life as much as they enjoy their work and it's contagious. Founders are great people and they truly believe in making work a source of fulfilment for everyone.”

See more information about what PayFit offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Beauhurst is a searchable database of the UK's high-growth companies - collecting information from the UK’s fastest-growing businesses, from startups to larger scale companies, the platform provides information about any business that meets its triggers of growth.

Companies use the Beauhurst service in a wide range of ways, from using the data to provide information about the best investment opportunities, to learning about prospective clients to create new business opportunities.

Why Beauhurst is great for remote working:

  • Offers flexible, hybrid, and remote working - you decide how you work and how much time you spend in the office.
  • Hosts regular virtual and IRL events to bring the team together and support interpersonal relationships within the company.
  • Supports learning and personal development through expert resources such as lectures, educational courses, and counselling.
  • Committed to supporting professional development and progress within the company - as the company grows, so do you.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Beauhurst: “Beauhurst is a wonderful place to work. I absolutely love it here, and the people are by far the strongest asset. Even people you've never met are so easy to talk to and approachable, which makes for a wonderfully warm and friendly workplace.”

See more information about what Beauhurst offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Oyster is a global employment platform that enables companies to hire, pay, and take care of brilliant employees, wherever they are in the world - they are truly one of the leading companies in the future of the workplace and they continue to grow rapidly. Driven to overturn the status quo and build a more equal world of work, Oyster supports companies at all stages of growth (with teams with up to 5,000 employees onboarded) to hire and retain all-star talent.

Why Oyster is great for remote working:

  • With remote and flexible working at its very core, Oyster is a borderless, HQ-less company with teammates in 70+ countries (this is growing every week).
  • Supports work-life balance, not only with flexible working, but with substantial time off too - Oyster offers every employee the same 40 days of time off, inclusive of regional holidays. 
  • Provides all of the resources you need to work from home and a $1,500 stipend for equipment and office set-up.
  • Supports the wellbeing of employees worldwide by providing all employees with Juno - employees can pick and choose their benefits and support their wellbeing in any way they choose.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Oyster: “Oysters' mission is at the heart of everything they do, and the pride you feel in knowing and seeing the positive impact on the world is priceless. Remote work is not just working from home - and Oyster both gets that and equips you to succeed in that from day one. Their onboarding programme is fully tailored to a remote-first experience and doesn't assume we all know how to work well from home (cos let's face it, we don't!) yet it caters for all levels of remote experience. ”

See more information about what Oyster offers and the open job positions currently available here.

Is Remote Working Important To You?

Whether remote working is a vital element of any job for you or you’re interested in the flexibility hybrid working offers, each of these companies provides a whole host of great benefits that support remote working.

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