6 Reasons Your Employees Aren't Engaged With Your Wellbeing Programme (and How To Fix It)

The future of work is changing rapidly: we’re moving towards a world that prioritises flexible working, more people are looking to work for companies with strong company culture, and there’s been a considerable shift in the importance of employee wellbeing.

In our Employee Happiness Study, 58% of respondents stated that improved access to benefits and access to wellness tools were the factors behind why an employee may choose an alternative role and company.

Therefore, having an engaging employee wellbeing programme isn’t just important, but it’s a must-have if you want to both attract and retain the right people.

If you already have an employee wellbeing programme in place, as do 71% of UK companies, but it’s lacking engagement and you can see that your employees aren’t actually benefitting from it, there are a few main reasons behind this.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at six reasons why your employees aren’t engaging with your wellbeing programme and tell you how you can fix it too!

The Benefits You Offer Aren’t Properly Communicated and Visible

Your employee wellbeing programme might not be engaged with simply because it’s not being properly communicated with your team. Simply having benefits to offer your employees isn’t enough - you have to make sure each and every employee knows what you offer, how they can use these benefits, and spread awareness about them regularly.

Don’t leave your employees to hunt for their benefits, because if they have to do this, they probably won’t bother doing so. Providing each employee with detailed information about how they can actively use their benefits both at the point of onboarding them and regularly when part of the existing team may make a huge difference in the uptakes of your benefits.

Setting monthly reminders to encourage your team to use their benefits is a powerful idea. With Juno, your team gets their Points every month on “Junoday” and are reminded to explore the platform and use their Points to support their wellbeing in a way that suits them.

The Benefits You’re Offering Are Outdated

Are you providing a cycle-to-work scheme but your team actually all works remotely now? Perhaps you’re still offering workplace yoga classes when you know the participation for this has always been low? Your benefits need to be useful, up to date, and genuinely impactful for your employees, otherwise, they’re going to be less likely to engage with them.

Reviewing your employee wellbeing programme regularly and changing them if you need to in order to align with your company culture and rules of working is important if you’re going to offer benefits that people will actually use.

The Juno marketplace offers a wide range of Providers, Experiences, and Brands and employees can choose to spend their Points on whatever they need at the time, therefore meaning you have less hassle by not having to update your wellbeing programme regularly and your team can have autonomy in choosing the benefits that they need.

The Benefits Offered Aren’t Useful To Everyone

Wellbeing is not a “one-size-fits-all” and therefore your approach to employee wellbeing shouldn’t be either: everyone in your team will find that different things support their personal wellbeing.

Therefore, if you’re offering benefits that are generalised or are only genuinely helpful to a certain type of person, not all of your employees will benefit from what you’re providing.

So, you need to ensure that your employee wellbeing programme has the ability to be personalised and each employee can be supported by it, taking into account that everyone’s wellbeing requires different things to be supported.

With Juno, we offer completely personalised benefits that empower your team to take exactly what they need to support themselves, whether that’s learning and development classes, self-care products, exercise classes, or meals for their child. Additionally, with the Card and Reimbursement feature (of which a combined 85% of users love), your team can enjoy finding more unique and independent ways to support their wellbeing.

The Way You Offer Benefits Isn’t Exciting or Engaging

How you offer benefits to your employees might not be engaging them simply because it’s not an exciting process (for example, if they have to go through a long manual process to receive them.

Your wellbeing programme needs to have an element of excitement so that employees can actually feel enthusiastic about what you’re offering and become invested in using their benefits regularly.

Aside from the vast number of Brands, Experiences, and Providers on the Juno, we stand out by our unique employee experience platform that offers resources, interactive elements, and is highly captivating: employees get excited about Junoday and exploring the platform.

“Used the platform for the first time since my company signed up. Really easy to navigate, has great options and very quick response times from the staff. Can’t recommend more highly!” - Phillip from Hirespace.

The Benefits You Offer Require Too Much Effort and Information From Your Employees

Employees are less likely to engage with their benefits if they have to constantly request them from  the HR team or employee experience manager - some employees may not feel comfortable being open about what they need or taking up their benefits.

Therefore, you should make it as hassle-free as possible for your employees to use their benefits and give them as much autonomy in the way they use your employee wellbeing programme as possible.

With Juno, employees are empowered to make their own decisions when it comes to how they support their wellbeing and they don’t have to “sign off” or tell anyone about how they’re using their benefits. With curated Experiences and Products available, you can rest assured knowing that your employees are getting vetted services that support their wellbeing, yet their privacy and autonomy remain intact.

You Don’t Track The Engagement of Your Employee Benefits

You’re less likely to be able to react to the changes in your employee’s engagement with your wellbeing programme if you’re not tracking how the benefits you offer are being used.

Therefore, it’s important that your benefits scheme has the ability to track your team’s engagement and make adjustments when scores are low.

With Juno, you receive monthly engagement reports on your team’s wellbeing. Additionally, a dedicated Employee Wellbeing Expert will accompany you throughout your experience on Juno, providing support at onboarding sessions and helping you maximise your team’s wellbeing with regular check-ins.

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