7 Tech Companies With Great Employee Training and Development

Whether you’re looking for a tech company to work for that offers a progression framework or you’re interested in seeing which tech companies provide the best set of learning and development benefits for their employees, this article is the right place for you to be!

Here are 7 tech companies that offer great benefits for their team’s growth and development - they’re changing both the world of work and the world of tech by putting employee growth at the forefront of their respective company cultures.

So, let’s dive straight in and take a look at these tech companies that are changing the game.

Juno is an all-in-one employee benefits platform that offers the largest marketplace of its kind, providing personalised benefits that empower employees to support their wellbeing in a way that suits them. Find out more about Juno and how it can support your team by speaking to one of our wellbeing experts now.


Codurance is a global software consultancy that helps businesses build a better sustainable technical capability to support growth. Codurance’s purpose is to create a long-term positive impact within the software industry and they provide services across a variety of levels to achieve this, from building software to helping developers improve their knowledge through training.

What Codurance Offers:

  • The Codurance Training Academy offers a paid apprenticeship with hands-on learning opportunities during a 4-month intensive programme, helping you move into a full-time Craftsperson role at the end of the programme.
  • Supports flexibility, with a mixture of remote and location-based hybrid roles across Europe.
  • Transparency about finances: information on finances is available to everyone from day one. Additionally, there are monthly company catch-ups that offer employees the opportunity to ask anything to the senior management team.
5-Star Glassdoor review of Codurance: “On all levels, the company encourages you to work collaboratively and use the skills of your colleagues. Consultative culture where you are treated as an adult but encouraged to enjoy and have fun in our work. You are in charge of your deliverables, your time and resources. I'm fully remote working but feel very much part of my team and the global company.”

See more information about what Codurance offers and the open job positions currently available here.


CloudFactory is a global leader in providing workforce solutions for machine learning and business process optimization. CloudFactory provides trained teams that work with high accuracy using AI and Automation technology to optimise business operations, including Computer Vision Services, Natural Language Processing Services, and Data Processing Services.

What CloudFactory Offers:

  • Personal learning and development are fully supported - regular opportunities for professional training, personal enrichment, and participation in community service projects are supported and offered to all employees.
  • There’s compassionate leadership and a strong mission to make the world better - CEO Mark Sears founded CloudFactory to support better work for people in Nepal and connect them to the digital economy.
  • The CloudFactory team operates across 4 continents, offering remote and flexible working, but maintaining a strong workplace community via regular socialising opportunities (virtually and in real life).
5-Star Glassdoor review of Cloud Factory: “Fast-paced growth of the company gives you with many opportunities and growth. Co-workers are committed to the mission and the culture of the company. Brilliant leaders, who are committed to the character, competence and community. Focus on building relationships.”

See more information about what Cloud Factory offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Codat is a leader in providing a universal API for small business data. Codat retrieves and synchronizes data between clients’ products and their SMB customers’ financial platforms, making accessing consented data from customers' banking, accounting, and commerce platforms easy.

What Codat Offers:

  • Supports growth and drive for both the business and all employees with an equity incentive plan, as well as ongoing progression framework and training.
  • Promotes work-life balance with full flexibility on where and when you work.
  • Offers amazing workplaces for those who want to be in-office with modern, centrally located, and dog-friendly offices in London, New York, Sydney and San Francisco (coming soon).

5-Star Glassdoor review of Codat: “Flexibility - coming to the office is optional. Diversity and inclusion - this is the most diverse workforce I've seen in a start-up. Clear progression framework documented with a path for individual contributors and those seeking management.”

See more information about what Codat offers and the open job positions currently available here.

Cloud NC

Cloud NC builds end-to-end fully-autonomous manufacturing technology thawt can produce components from its specification without any human input, allowing manufacturing to be autonomous and supporting a sustainable industrial revolution. Cloud NC runs an AS9100D accredited factory, supporting clients across the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Energy sectors.

What Cloud NC Offers:

  • Supports learning and development by providing resources such as conference tickets, panel event tickets, and internal and external training opportunities.
  • Actively supports work-life balance by offering remote work and flexible work hours, as well as time off and holidays.
  • Provides pension plans, stock options, a company expenses card, and monthly car allowances for those that have to travel into the office.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Cloud NC: “Friendly & inclusive company culture. Supportive management. Excellent facilities and perks (Equipment, office space, company benefits, etc). Great sense of motivation amongst fellow colleagues. Opportunities for career progression.”

See more information about what Cloud NC offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Hyperexponential is a SaaS pricing platform for insurers, allowing actuaries and underwriters to develop complex pricing models by providing them with ground-breaking software. Hyperexponential supports clients to enhance their productivity and improve their performance by using first-hand actuarial experience and first-class engineering expertise to develop solutions that enable smarter decision-making.

What Hyperexponential Offers:

  • Passionately supports learning and personal development with a £5,000 employee, group training and conference budget - this also includes access to Udemy.
  • Supports physical health by being partnered with Vitality, covering healthcare insurance, including medical, dental, mental health cover and gym memberships.
  • Offers personalised wellbeing support by providing each employee with Juno - all employees can take exactly what they need to support their wellbeing in a way that suits. Additionally, mental health is supported via Oliva, a therapy platform that all employees can utilise.
  • As the company grows, you grow too: all employees are provided with generous EMI share options.
  • Offers the best health and dental insurance available in each location that the company operates.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Hyperexponential: “Great place to work, grow, and contribute.”

See more information about what Hyperexponential offers and the open job positions currently available here.

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D design platform for cross-disciplinary teams to create, collaborate, and review in an entirely new way. The company is on a mission to revolutionize the way ideas are brought to life and fundamentally change the way 3D design is done by allowing engineers and designers to work collaboratively to explore initial product ideas, and share project details, and designs in real-time.

What Gravity Sketch Offers:

  • Supports growth and career progression by providing a £1,000 budget for professional learning and development.
  • Actively promotes work-life balance with flexible and remote working options, whilst also providing uncapped holidays and enhanced parental leave.
  • Offers Bupa private medical insurance and cash plan for those employed in the UK and medical, dental & vision insurance in North America & Europe.
  • Hosts socials, trips away, and meetups to connect the entire team and develop interpersonal relationships with team members, wherever they are located.
  • Provides personalised wellbeing to every employee with Juno, with a wellbeing allowance of £50 (100 Juno Points) allocated to each employee to spend how they like.

5-Star Glassdoor review of Gravity Sketch: “Really good culture. Having worked in a few different companies before, I haven't found a place with such a relaxed family vibe - Great personal development opportunities ahead, as we're starting to grow quite quickly. There are lots of moving parts so there's scope to think creatively and strategically, and implement solutions that really have an impact - Personable and empathetic founders. No big egos in the office.”

See more information about what Gravity Sketch offers and the open job positions currently available here.


Rollee provides businesses with secure access to customers' employment data, allowing clients to access employment and income verification, real-time activity monitoring, and work history transparency. Rollee’s mission is to empower workers to take control of their employment data and put more fairness into the decision process of institutions, from banks to insurance.

What Rollee Offers:

  • Offers fully remote and flexible working from anywhere in the world - the entire company is remote and therefore where and when work is up to you.
  • Supports employees to grow as the company grows, both through support and training but also financially: each and every employee receives a stock option package.
  • Actively supports diversity and inclusion, allowing prospective employees to apply from anywhere in the world, without barriers. Resources to set up your office, wherever you are, are provided, including a Macbook.
  • Employee wellbeing is supported with Juno, with each employee being able to access the Juno platform and take what they need to support their wellbeing, wherever they may be.

See more information about what Rollee offers and the open job positions currently available here.

Employee Wellbeing In The World of Tech: It’s Exciting!

We’re so excited to see that these companies are paving the way in the tech world whilst also putting employee development and growth at the forefront of their ethos. We can’t wait to not only see their growth in tech, but how they continue to support their teams’ happiness and health.

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