Connecting Core Benefits With Flexible Wellbeing Benefits: We’ve Partnered With SafetyWing

We’re so pleased to announce that we’re joining forces with SafetyWing to bring health insurance to the Junoverse!

We have partnered with SafetyWing and together we are enabling companies to provide their team members with both core benefits such as health insurance and flexible wellbeing and lifestyle benefits, all of which are accessible directly through Juno.

Say Goodbye to Multiple Providers and Hello To An All-In-One Employee Benefits Platform

There’s no longer any need to have multiple providers in your wellbeing scheme - Juno has it all.

You don’t have to choose between supporting your team with either core benefits through various providers or supporting their wellbeing with lifestyle brands and experiences: you can provide your team with core benefits through Juno, whilst also ensuring every aspect of your team’s wellbeing is being taken care of with our expansive Marketplace, Reimbursement feature, and Juno Card.

Take away endless hours of insurance admin and do it all through Juno Points: you can easily onboard, monitor, and track your team’s health and wellbeing score through our platform, hassle-free.

“We’re constantly working to create the ultimate all-in-one employee benefits platform, making employee wellbeing as simple and impactful as possible. Our partnership with SafetyWing, bringing the core benefit of healthcare to the Juno Platform, has changed the game for companies looking to support the holistic health of their employees in the most effective way possible.”
Juno CEO and Founder, Ally Fekaiki

What Is SafetyWing and How Can It Support Your Team?

SafetyWing is a health insurance company that supports health without barriers and borders. SafetyWing started by providing digital nomads with health insurance and has since shaped its features to support those pushing the future of work forwards: remote companies.

SafetyWing supports remote workers across the globe and goes one step further by helping them get the best from their plans and offering a variety of products such as Remote Health, Remote Doctor, Remote Retirement, and more.

SafetyWing is available in 175+ countries, easily scales with your team, and has customisable add-ons to suit every individual.

Juno members can access SafetyWing at a fraction of the price: Team Managers will be able to choose between the Standard, Premium + Maternity, and Premium Plan for their team members.

Ready For The Juno and SafetyWing Partnership To Bring Health and Happiness To Your Team?

Bringing flexible benefits and core benefits to your employees has never been easier and more readily available. So, are you ready to support your team with Juno today?

Speak to one of our Employee Wellbeing Experts to join Juno today and give your team both flexible and core benefits.

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