Discover Seamless Shopping With Your Juno Card

Welcome to the Juno Platform: Juno Cards!

Whether you want to purchase groceries or book a trip away, online shopping on your favourite sites has never been easier or better value than with Juno!

We have a whole host of Juno Cards available on our platform that allow you to use your Juno Points and take advantage of exclusive discounts with your favourite sites.

Hop onto the Juno Platform today and take a look at the Juno Cards section: you can currently shop seamlessly on sites like, Neals Yard, Abel and Cole, and Bother.

For example, Jakiya recently used her Juno Card to order a delivery from Bother:

“I bulk ordered household goods from Bother using my Juno Card - super fast delivery, and they plant a tree with every order!”

So, explore the world of Juno Cards and enjoy shopping directly from your favourite sites with Juno Points.

Keep your eyes peeled too - more of your favourite brands are incoming!

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