How ClickMechanic Puts Wellbeing First, With Juno: A Case Study

We love celebrating and highlighting the way that our clients put the mental health, wellbeing, and happiness of their people at the forefront of their company culture.

Proud to be championing the wellbeing of their team, we caught up with ClickMechanic to see how Juno supports their company culture and transforms the wellbeing of their employees.

Who Are ClickMechanic?

Founded in 2012 by Andrew Jervis and Felix Kenton, ClickMechanic is a marketplace for mechanics that’s bringing trust and transparency to car repair, giving real-time industry standard quotes (a first in Europe), using millions of pieces of industry standard data and enabling customers to quickly book a trusted mechanic online.

When Did ClickMechanic Join Juno?

ClickMechanic joined Juno in July 2022 and onboarded 25 employees within 30 minutes.

Since then, it’s been nothing but a beautiful partnership!

“The team's been loving Juno! While we did have employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives prior to Juno, the platform has greatly helped centralise this and provide members with a variety of options along with being flexible, too. It's also helped incentivise our team challenges and team-building activities.”
- Louanna Dias, ClickMechanic

Q&A with Ali Coleman, Head of Operations at ClickMechanic

We sat down to ask Ali Coleman, Head of Operations at ClickMechanic, how and why she chose Juno for the team and what the impact of onboarding the team onto Juno has been like.

How Did You Find The Process Of Learning About Juno?

"It was pretty easy and there was a lot of information available online.

Furthermore, I had a great call with our account manager Ane who walked me through the platform and answered any burning questions I had. This really helped me understand whether or not this was the right service for our team"

What Made You Choose Juno?

"We have a very diverse team and people who live all over the UK so it was hard to find something that could work for everyone. Juno gives the team the flexibility to spend their points on what will benefit them and I think that’s what really sold it to us."

What Are Your Thoughts On Juno's Onboarding Process Relative To Other Initiatives You Have Launched In The Past?

"The process was very quick and easy, once we decided that we wanted to go ahead it was easy to upload all of our team members and set up billing."

How Have The Team Found Using Juno?

"Overall there has been some really positive feedback and people are using it in different ways. Some people on the team are saving for holidays or an Apple Watch while others are using it for their monthly subscriptions. “

Here are some comments from a recent survey about Juno:
“I use this service more than the previous benefits and it offers more multiple options that I can use my points for rather than one thing.”
“It gives you a lot of different options to use it with”.
“It's great, it pays for my ClassPass which is a real treat!”
“I am able to save my Juno points and buy something I actually want.”
“It pays for our Netflix and NOW TV - so that's awesome, thanks!”
"I have no excuses anymore not to stay fit and eat healthy- thanks to Juno points!"

Has There Been A Noticeable Improvement In Morale Amongst Employees Since Launch?

"Around the same time we moved to Juno we had been making a conscious effort to try and improve team morale so I think Juno has certainly helped in that respect."

With Current Economic Pressures, It's Sometimes Difficult To Dedicate Budget To Wellbeing Offers. Would You Say That The Return Has Been Worth The Investment?

"I believe so, the team are happy with Juno and that’s the most important thing, they are using it and appreciate it as a benefit so definitely think it’s been worth the investment."

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Has Your Experience With Juno Been?

"I’d give it a 10, from the beginning of the process it’s been quick and easy and there’s always someone to help if there are any questions or issues."

ClickMechanic perfectly embodies everything the Employee Wellbeing Pledge stands for:

  • They believe wellbeing isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’
  • They treat benefits and rewards as more than just a box to tick
  • They cherish the differences of all of their teammates
  • They empower their teammates to make their own decisions at work

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