How The Juno Team Is Recharging

Find out how the Juno team is taking care of their wellbeing during the holidays!

Like most of you, the Juno team is getting ready for a well-deserved holiday break. We're really looking forward to seeing our families, eating heart-warming food and having a little holiday abroad.

But we're also making sure we take time to recharge, relax and get ready to come back next year with fresh energy!

Rose, Customer Support:

This winter break I'll be visiting my grandparents. I am really looking forward to relaxing in the warmth with my family and living off mince pies! I'll also be spending the New Year in my hometown in Madrid- it'll be lovely to be able to catch up with my childhood friends. I am also going to be preparing to start a new chapter in my life, as I am moving to Milan in January. I've used my Juno points this month for a Duolingo plus membership to improve my Italian, and I hope to spend a few hours a day taking online Italian classes and watching old Italian movies like La Dolce Vita!

Andreas, Product Lead:

Over the holidays I will be spending time with my family and doing a lot of relaxing. I will use my Juno points to plan some days away to go to the zoo together as my son really enjoys watching animals. Looking forward to it!

Tania, Content Lead:

This winter break I'll be travelling back to Mexico to spend some much-needed quality time with my family. But I'm also taking a little beach holiday where I'm going to a meditation - spa retreat, which I'm getting with my Virtual Juno Card. I really wanted to take advantage of the nice warm weather in Mexico to try a new spa experience! 

Eve, Community Manager:

This Christmas I'll be heading back to the seaside to see my family. Christmas for me is all about good food and good company which there will be plenty of this year! I also participate in the annual Boxing Day Dip, which is a great way to clear out the cobwebs of 2021. I'll be using my Juno Points towards some extra special organic veggies for my Mums famous Christmas lunch.

Carolline, Workplace Wellbeing Expert

I will be traveling to some winter markets with my family. And I'm also going to visit a children's farm with my son and my dog :). My husband and I are planning a detox using Kencko products.

Renu, Frontend Developer

This winter break I am travelling to India to visit my family and friends after two years. I am hoping to have lots of fun during this time. I have also planned to use my Juno points to book a resort stay in Goa for my family and explore the beautiful Goa resort and beaches.

Gen, Customer Support Executive

Over the winter break, I'm going home to Wales to see my family, and do some climbing in the Brecon Beacons. I'm looking forward to being back in the mountains, but not looking forward to the cold! I'm planning on using my Juno Card to buy a serging machine over the holidays to help with my sewing projects - maybe some warmer clothes are in order.

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