How To Support Your Financial Wellbeing With Juno

Recently we've seen so many companies stepping up and supporting the financial wellbeing of their employees through Juno, providing their teams with extra work-from-home allowances, lunch budgets, and even financial coaching budgets.

Free workplace coffee and meaningless perks aren't enough - people need to feel properly supported by benefits that make a powerful and positive impact on their lives.

For many at the moment, that means they're looking for financial wellbeing support, and here at Juno, we've got your back.

Whether it's financial coaching, reimbursements on subscriptions, or purchasing products that bring you joy but wouldn't typically be able to purchase, you can support your financial wellbeing, in whatever way impacts you the most on Juno.

For example, on Juno you can find:

  • Tools and advice for home buying by Stipend.
  • Financial coaching by Otto Finance.
  • Finance tips by Best Intentions.
  • Financial life coaching by Juno Experts.

and many more...

Let your employees support their financial health with us.

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