How To Support Your Lifestyle With Juno

We all bring our whole selves to work, not just our work selves. So, it's no surprise that the most successful employee benefits programmes are the ones that focus on supporting the individual as a whole.

Imagine being able to get new plants, new skincare products, cooking kits, and any lifestyle product or service that truly makes you happy and supports your wellbeing, courtesy of your employee benefits.

Well, now you can, with Juno.

There's no doubt that someone with a happier lifestyle is going to be a happier, more engaged team member.

Whether it's art kits, home products, food boxes, or hiking guides, anything you need to support your lifestyle, we've got you!

For example, on Juno you can find:

  • House plants by Patch Plants.
  • Weighted blankets and sleep accessories by Aeyla.
  • Pottery Kits by Sculptd.
  • Cookery Courses by Learning with Experts.

and many more...

Let your employees support their lifestyle in the way they choose.

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