How To Support Your Mental Health With Juno

With mental health charity, Mind, stating that "half of workers have experienced poor mental health in their current job", there's no excuse for workplaces to not be taking the mental health of their employees seriously.

Juno Members can use their Juno Points (wellbeing allowance) on anything they like that supports their wellbeing, including specific products and services that support their mental health.

Everyone supports their mental health in a unique way and with Juno, each individual can take exactly what they need.

Whether it's a wellbeing app, therapy sessions, life coaching, or a stress-relieving self-care kit, you can take exactly what you need to support your mental health, with Juno.

For example, on Juno you can find:

  • Sound Therapy for Stress and Anxiety by Ed Can Help
  • Counselling and Therapy by Juno Experts
  • Anonymous Counselling and Coaching by Emplomind
  • Emotional Wellbeing Classes by The School of Life

and many more...

Let your employees support their mental health in the way they choose.

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