HRIS Integrations with Juno: Making Employee Benefits Management Easy

Making HR easier, one integration at a time.

Every HR manager, Head of People, or CEO that looks after their employees needs to use HR tools to do so. From payroll software and time management trackers to training platforms and onboarding programs, there are a lot of human resources information systems out there that you need to use.

Whilst each HRIS is essential in order to manage day-to-day HR operations, a lot of HR managers find that they’re spending way too much time switching from platform to platform, attempting to manage each employee’s data on each type of software, and even onboarding their employees to every programme in the first place.

In addition to the time wasted hopping from platform to platform for data, one of the main issues that HR managers face is that they are unable to access the data from each HRIS in one place, making their jobs much harder than it needs to be.

We believe HR managers should be doing what they really want to do which is making their teams happy, not filling in endless pieces of paperwork.

Manage Everything In One Place With Juno HRIS Integrations

We’re on a mission to help HR managers keep their teams happy in the most hassle-free way possible, which is why we have launched HRIS integrations.

You can now integrate the HRIS platforms you use into your team dashboard. Currently, we support BambooHR, Charlie and Hibob, but if you use an alternate HRIS platform, you can just let us know and we will prioritise adding this integration too.

So, why is this so beneficial for you, as an HR manager or Head of People?

We’re providing you with an easy and automatic way to add and remove employees to Juno, by syncing with your HRIS provider.

Once you have integrated your HRIS platform onto Juno (which is a quick, simple process), employees can be synced and will automatically receive points on their assigned Juno Day, without you having to add any of their individual information or data independently onto Juno.

All your employees need to do is accept their invite to Juno and they’re onboarded

So, say goodbye to having to manually add your team members onto Juno or provide your employees with multiple benefits providers across various platforms and programmes: you can quickly onboard, manage, and provide your team with the benefits they need in the most efficient way.

To learn more about how you can connect your HRIS platform with Juno, click here.

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