In The Junoverse: 7 Marketing Agencies Prioritising The Wellbeing and Mental Health of Their Employees

Marketing agencies are known for having fast-paced, high-pressure environments, with lots of creative work. This can put a strain on employees and lead to burnout if not managed properly.

Therefore, it's especially important for marketing agencies to focus on employee wellbeing to ensure that their employees can maintain their creativity and productivity.

After all, happy and healthy employees are more productive and engaged, which can lead to better work quality and client satisfaction.

Here are 7 marketing agencies that are using Juno to champion the health and wellbeing of their teams, knowing that prioritising individual wellbeing means great things for growth and success as a company.

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm is a purpose led, employee-owned, B-corp certified creative agency that believe in the power of creativity to positively transform businesses, lives and society.

The agency is founded on the concept of “creativity with purpose” and has worked with the likes of Haribo, Yakult, and the Women’s Equality Party.

Additionally, Quiet Storm also has as non-profit organisation, Create Not Hate, that aims to combat systemic racism and get underrepresented young people into the creative industry.


Buttermilk is an award-winning London based influencer marketing agency that’s worked with the likes of Dior and Deliveroo.

They support brands to reach and activate audiences through the leading storytellers of our generation: influencers.

The team executes engaging influencer campaigns that amplify brands' stories at scale, reaching millions worldwide.

Born Social

Born Social is a B-corp certified global social media agency that brings social-first thinking to the brands of tomorrow.‍

The agency has worked with the likes of Wagamama and Garnier and continues to help businesses push forward in the world of social.

In 2022, the agency became part of the Croud Group, bringing Brand & Performance closer together for clients, growing globally into new markets, and scaling operations.


Influencer is a data-led, global influencer marketing business.

It offers an end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform & Data-led Impact Studio, turning creators’ audiences into brands’ consumers - at scale.

The agency has worked with the likes of Pepsico and Google and continues to connect successful influencers with global brands, focusing on true human influence.

The ScaleUp Collective

The Scale Up Collective is a marketing agency that provides marketing consultancy, marketing strategy, accelerator programmes, and workshops for startups.

Scale Up was born at the end of 2020 when the pandemic meant startup funding was blocked whilst startups still needed to scale. Within the collective the team has worked with the likes of Yolt, Skype, and BMW.

The agency has worked with 60+ startups so far and are on a mission to support over 1,000 startups in the next 5 years.

Marketing Yeah!

‍Marketing Yeah! Is a digital marketing agency that was founded to support senior executives. The agency enables these people to grow their organisations through better digital marketing.

Marketing Yeah! deliberately adopts a scientific, objective-led approach to our work, helping them dramatically increase marketing success.

The agency has worked with the likes of the Financial Times and Wagestream.

Propel Digital

‍Propel Digital is a marketing agency that specialises marketing with smarter technology.

The agency provides digital strategy, digital advertising, performance creative work, data engineering, custom technology and more.

Propel Digital has worked with the likes of Laura Mercier and Sigma Sports.

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‍We’re so excited to see that these marketing agencies are paving the way in the world of work, putting the wellbeing and mental health of their teams first.

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