Joining Dry January Challenge

Whether you do or don't get involved in this month's challenge is completely your choice. It's ultimately up to every individual to decide if the time is right for them to enter this popular challenge!

However, with 6.5 million people said to have participated in Dry January in 2021, a similar amount of people will likely be cutting out alcohol in January this year. So, we want to support you through this time if you are thinking of ditching booze for a few weeks.

What Are The Benefits of Dry January?

Before we dive in and tell you how you can make Dry January a happy, exciting, and extra beneficial time, let's take a look at the benefits associated with cutting out alcohol for a month if it's something you want to partake in.

Remember, even if you don't want to participate in Dry January, but you're considering removing alcohol for a few days or weeks at any time throughout the year, you can reap the benefits listed below!

It Gives You A Break

If you're someone that likes a tipple during the Christmas period, you may be looking to take a break. So, ditching alcohol for a few weeks may be the perfect way to give both your body and mind a break. Then, if you feel like drinking again once the month is over, you're likely actually to enjoy your alcoholic drinks much more.

It Can Save You Money

Alcohol is expensive, there's no denying it, and in January, many people's bank accounts tend to struggle a little. So, one of the most obvious and most celebrated benefits to Dry January is that it may help you cut down your daily costs and save money.

It Can Help You Drink Less Long Term

If you're someone that's wanting to drink a little less in the long run, doing Dry January may be an excellent idea for you! Research has shown that those who take a month off from drinking tend to have one more dry day per week after that month is over.

It Can Improve Your Sleep 

After a busy festive period, you may be feeling extra worn-out, and cutting out drinking for the month might be your ticket to feeling more rested and energetic. Although alcohol makes you feel sleepy, it actually decreases the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. So, ditching alcohol can improve your sleep, also increasing your energy levels during the day. 

Our Guide To Dry January

If you want to get involved and try out Dry January, you might be worried that you'll be stuck drinking carbonated water whilst you decline plans to spend time with your friends, but that doesn't need to be the case!

Take a look at our tips below to survive and thrive whilst you do Dry January.

Think About How You Want To Feel Better

Most people do Dry January to feel better in some way. However, this is a very sweeping generalisation, and to make the most out of Dry January, you should try and pin down exactly how you want to feel better. 

Do you want to sleep better? Prioritise sleep hygiene as well. Do you want to get fitter? Prioritise getting active. Do you want to take more time for yourself daily? Prioritise alone time doing things you enjoy. 

Don't just think about cutting out booze, but think about exactly how you want to feel better and make little changes to work towards that. Focusing on other things also takes away the pressure of focusing and worrying about quitting alcohol.

Treat Yourself To Exciting Non-Alcoholic Drinks

You don't have to worry about being stuck drinking tap water or cordial whilst you're cutting out alcohol. There's a vast selection of exciting and truly delicious non-alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy whenever you'd usually be having a drink.

Punchy, produces the most incredible, fruity, naturally made soft drinks. Even better, the brand supports various charities and has the coolest packaging out there - find us a wine company that does that! You can order yours on Juno.

Spend Time Doing Activities

One of the worst things you could do during Dry January is put your life on hold because you do not want to drink alcohol. Instead, you should be living your best life still! So if you go out with friends, you don't need to panic. The majority of bars and pubs out there now serve non-alcoholic beers and have virgin cocktails.

If you're someone that prefers to drink at home after work, why not fill this time you would typically spend enjoying a glass of wine trying something new? Enjoy taking an art lesson, get crafty, learn about a subject that excites you, or get active. 

On Juno you'll find: The School of Life, Udemy, Learning With Experts, and MYO can help you fill your time with fun!

Don't Put Pressure On Yourself

The most important thing you have to do is not pressure yourself or judge yourself! Whether or not you're doing Dry January, don't judge yourself! Whether you last a few days or the entire month alcohol-free, don't judge yourself! Don't judge yourself whether you crave alcohol or are happier without it.

It's a brand new year, and you should be starting it off by being kind to yourself. 

So, treat yourself as you would a friend - don't put expectations on yourself, don't engage in negative self-talk, don't force yourself to do anything you don't want to, and ultimately, do whatever makes you happy, without judgement.

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