Juno For Startups: Empowering Small Teams With Big Benefits

We’re pleased to announce that Juno For Startups is here!

Personalised wellbeing support for all employees is incredibly important (hence the reason we do what we do!), and we want to support the teams of startups just as much as we do the teams of long-standing companies.

We feel particularly called to help startups since Juno itself is a startup - we know and fully understand the need for support in the startup ecosystem!

Take a look at exactly what Juno For Startups is and how we can help you empower your team.

What is Juno For Startups?

Juno For Startups is part of our plan packages designed to empower startups with teams of up to 15 people. This plan includes a discounted platform fee plus unique discounts with powerful software partners. With the discounted startup rate, startups have full access to every aspect of Juno - our wellbeing marketplace, expense platform, and virtual cards.

Not only do startups get to benefit from Juno, but we’ve also partnered with some of the biggest names that are creating a better future of work, Oyster, CharlieHR, Hya, and Platypus (and even more partners to come) to support your startup in a number of exciting ways.

Why We Want To Empower Startups

Startups are the most exciting aspect of the future of work and we want to make sure we’re supporting them in the most effective way possible, supporting a better workplace for all, one startup at a time.

Hear from CEO and Founder of Juno, Ally Fekaiki, talk about why we want to empower startups:

“Juno is a startup and therefore, I fully understand what it takes to not only grow a company from the ground up, but I also know that focusing on the wellbeing of your team from the very beginning is essential when it comes to cultivating a positive workplace culture and an engaged team in the long-run. Juno wants to give back to the startup community and support them at whatever stage of growth they’re in to ensure they’re flourishing in the best way possible.”

Ally Fekaiki

Meet our Partners:

It’s not just Juno that your startup can benefit from - we’ve created an overarching bundle with some incredible partners that can help empower and elevate your company and team. Partnering with Oyster, CharlieHR, HYA, and Platypus, Juno For Startups is the bundle you need to put your best foot forward as a new company.


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Oyster HR is helping companies hire, pay, and care for teammates across the globe. When you join Juno for Startups, you get your 1st hire for free for 12 months in top countries (all of Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia).

“Juno and Oyster help startups to onboard and take care of employees fast and hassle-free. Taking care of the complex admin, and providing a wellbeing programme to retain employees regardless of their location: allowing the startup to scale at pace.” - Oyster HR


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CharlieHR software provides small businesses with the data, tools, and advice they need to make everyday admin effortless, keep their people engaged and equip them to do their best work. When you Juno on a Startup plan you get 50% off for teams of up to 10 people.

"In this extremely competitive hiring market, Juno and Charlie provide small businesses and startups with everything they need to attract the best talent and keep them for the long run. Charlie provides People teams with data, tools and advice to make HR admin effortless but also keep their team engaged and high-performing, while Juno’s technology supports people and enables them to thrive in and outside of work, so that they can reach their full potential." - CharlieHR


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Hya is the hiring platform built for startups. Making recruiting and people operations simple, transparent and enjoyable for everyone involved. Recruiting software made easy. When you join Juno for Startups, you get 3 months free to use Hya for your team.

"Startups provide career opportunities and progression that many larger businesses cannot. At hya, we believe that start ups and their teams are the lifeblood of the UK job market, and we are here to support them, their employees and candidates, in their growth." - hya


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Platypus builds stronger, happier, high-performing teams with real-time data on culture. When you join Juno for Startups, you get access to Platypus Freemium version.

"Culture and wellbeing come hand in hand, so the Juno and Platypus partnership feels like the perfect match. With a strong wellness-focused culture, comes a happier and more motivated workforce, as well as better performance and retention - exactly what a startup needs to succeed." - Platypus


In a world where the very definition of work is changing in front of our eyes, FlowSpace exists to help teams get together anywhere but the office. The teams of tomorrow have needs far beyond the four walls of one office. They need spaces to work, play, recharge and connect. Flowspace is the platform for teams to find and book offsites and drop-in workspaces.

"The teams of tomorrow have needs far beyond the four walls of one office. FlowSpace exists to help amazing hybrid or remote teams to find amazing drop-in workspaces and inspiring offsite venues. Flexibility is like air to a growing startup. We understand their pains - we've built a platform to offer ultimate workspace flexibility to hybrid and remote teams." - Flowspace

We look forward to continuing to grow our partnerships and serving growing teams with flexible and personal benefits, globally. See what our Juno For Startups scheme could do for your team, today.

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