Outside the Box: Lucy from Buttermilk

"We encourage each other to follow passions outside of work, like exercise, reading, blogging - whatever it is!"

How does your workplace culture help you be your best working self?


The flexibility that working at an agency like Buttermilk gives me allows me to approach my work in the best way for me, meaning I am my most productive self when I sit down to get things done. Expecting everyone to be able to sit at a desk for 8 hours straight and produce amazing, inspired work is just not realistic and I think the sooner employers realise that, the sooner they will get the best out of their teams. We also finish at 2pm on Fridays during the summer months... if that isn't motivation to get your weekly tasks done then I don't know what is.


How do you and your team stay creative and focused?


Obviously, we haven't been in the office as much recently... However, we have all been doing what we can to keep each other motivated. Our daily calls at 10am are non-negotiable and give us a chance to catch up on everything, from important tasks to what we got up to on the weekend and what we are currently binge watching on netflix! There is also a great team culture of encouraging each other to follow passions outside of work, like exercise, reading, blogging - whatever it is! I think this is really important too.



What do you do outside of work to keep ‘on top of your game’ in work?


Exercise is key for me, I need it to keep my stress levels at bay and to relax. During lockdown a long run was my go to way to unwind from a big day, it also gives my brain space to breathe and to think everything over. Now that the gym is open I have mixed in some yoga & hiit work too. I also read every night before bed, it quiets the mind and sends me to sleep feeling relaxed.


How do you keep yourself inspired?


I listen to podcast interviews with people I look up to and who inspire me, on a long walk it is the perfect way to pass the time and get some new ideas! I also try to set goals for myself at the beginning of each month, personal ones and work-related ones too.

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