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Introduce yourself...

As founder and MD, I’m involved in most day-to-day activities. We’re a young company and so I’m laying the foundations of the culture, building a network of amazing creative, strategic and production talent, whilst working with our clients to ensure their business priorities and driving them in the direction needed.

How does Sparro's workplace culture help you be your best working self?

This is an interesting question and something I have just written about. See here: https://www.sparrohouse.co.uk/news-insights/fostering-a-culture-of-care-in-the-remote-workplace

For me, our culture needs to be deeply rooted in our behaviours and decision making. So, whilst our weekly virtual drinks and pub quiz are great fun, they’re not strictly cultural. What really helps me achieve my best working self is our focus on true flexible working. That doesn’t mean working remotely 9-5 but balancing the important parts of my personal life with my work whatever time of day it is and wherever I may be. This goes the same for everyone working at Sparro House and is why I take great pride in the number of back-to-work parents on our team.

How do you and your team stay creative and focused?

All of our team have years of experience working remotely, so if the balance of work and personal life is there then motivation and creativity aren’t a problem. Working with brands who value our expertise and inspire us is great for creativity and proactively identifying brands who we feel we can help is a great way to remain focussed, as we’ve made the initial step.

What do you do outside of work to keep 'on top of your game' in work?

I miss going to the gym more than I can put into words. It’s my escape mechanism and I now fully appreciate the physical and mental benefits it gives me. Since we went into lock-down I’ve started running again which I’m enjoying, I’ve tried meditation which I think would be good for me but haven’t persisted with and I try and make as much time for the kids as I can. We’ve got a couple of family quiz nights during the week, and I love to cook all of which help provide the balance needed.

How do you keep yourself inspired?

I read quite a lot and am trying to diversify the type of content I consume to see different points of views or learn something new each day. We’re a very purpose driven agency and so the focus on wellbeing and sustainability are big drivers for me. I have ambitions for Sparro House to achieve B-Corp status and am educating myself of what it takes to get us there.

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