Rewards and Recognition For Employees: New Features on Juno

Introducing the Rewards And Bonuses feature on Juno: reward and send bonuses to team members you want to recognise*, whilst feeling confident that employees are using this reward to support their health and wellbeing.

*feature available only on the Juno Premium Plan.

69% of employees say that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated - therefore, it’s clear that if you want to boost employee performance, you need to focus on rewarding and recognising your employees when they are doing well.

Taking a moment to appreciate the work of your employees and reward them for their output goes a long way, but sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly how to reward and recognise them.

Many HR managers struggle with putting together a powerful employee reward and recognition programme that actually makes a positive impact to their employees. After all, everyone is unique and will take satisfaction from different things.

So, how can you get past the problem of not knowing how to reward your employees? Or, how can you easily create a rewards and recognition protocol in the first place?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you and let you know how Juno’s new Rewards and Bonuses feature can help you reward your employees in the most impactful and efficient way.

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Why Is It Important To Reward and Recognise Your Employees?

It goes without saying that everyone wants to feel like they’re doing well and being successful (whatever that might mean to them) at work. Whilst individuals can take pride in their own work and reward themselves when they feel like they’ve done a good job, the most powerful reward is having their manager or company recognise the work they’re doing.

Employees want to work for companies that not only push them to work hard and bring their best, most productive selves to the workplace, but also take a moment to stop, recognise, and reward employees when they have excelled in some way.

Essentially, employees want to work for a company that has a rewards and recognition programme.

When employees feel like they’re efforts are actually being appreciated, they will be much more committed to working hard, more appreciative of the company culture, and feel more loyal towards the company (increasing retention).

However, when employees aren’t shown recognition or rewarded for their work, the opposite will happen: they will become less productive, care less about their team and the company as a whole, and they will be much more likely to take a job role elsewhere.

So, it’s essential to reward and recognise your employees, for the sake of your company culture and the productivity and growth of your organisation as a whole.

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Why Are Some Recognition Programmes Not Effective?

Whilst it’s essential to have a reward and recognition programme, it’s also important to have one that actually rewards employees in an effective way.

If you are providing your employees with rewards that are not actually going to benefit them, they’re unlikely to be effective and create the wonderful knock-on benefits you’re looking for (increased productivity, retention, etc).

So, it’s time to move away from giving your employees a generic thank you card and start giving your team impactful rewards that actually make them happy and improve their wellbeing.

Personalised Rewards Are Essential: Do It With Juno’s New Feature

We know that HR managers and Heads of People want to give their team’s the best possible rewards whilst also looking after their wellbeing, in the easiest and most effective way.

Therefore, we’ve created a new feature on the Juno Premium Plan that allows you to give rewards and bonuses to your employees at the click of a button.

There’s no need to find rewards from multiple providers for different employees, no need to do lots of admin, and no need to waste time trying to think of inventive ways to reward each employee. Instead, with the rewards and bonuses feature on Juno, you can send your team members extra Juno Points as a reward, in seconds.

Since you are giving your employees rewards and bonuses in the form of Juno Points, you can feel confident both knowing that they can choose from whatever they want on the platform (giving them autonomy), and knowing that they’re going to use it to support their health and wellbeing.

An extra feature: Birthday Points robot! Our new Birthday Points Robot provides a meaningful way to celebrate employees, allowing team members to gift Juno Points on their birthdays, again, at the click of a button.

Impactful Rewards For Employees, Hassle-Free Admin for HR Managers

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