Coming Together For Ukraine

If you’re feeling unsure how you can make an impact right now supporting the people of Ukraine, one of the best things you can do is donate to charities and organisations that are directly helping and providing aid.

We have added Caritas Ukraine and The International Committee of the Red Cross to Juno, and you can use your Juno Points to support either one, or both of these charities, both of which are directly supporting and providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

How Is Caritas Ukraine Helping?

Caritas Ukraine is helping support the Ukrainian people in a number of ways, in particular by directly providing necessary and essential resources such as food, medicines, water, and shelter.

How Is The International Committee of the Red Cross Helping?

The International Committee of the Red Cross - together with the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement – is protecting the lives of victims of the conflict and violence in Ukraine, supporting the most vulnerable.

How You Can Donate Through Juno

You can donate in the same way that you would use Juno Points on anything else - it’s super simple.

Or, You Can Choose A Charity Of Your Choice And Use Juno Reimbursements

If you would rather choose to donate to a specific charity of your choice, you can still use your Juno Points to support this action. Instead, you just need to use the Juno Reimbursement feature.

How You Can Use The Juno Reimbursement Feature To Support Your Donation

  • Make your independent donation to a charity of your choice.
  • Open Juno.
  • Hover over the “Services” tab and click “Request a Juno Reimbursement”.
  • Upload your donation receipt or confirmation.
  • Once Juno approves your reimbursement, you will receive an email from Wise, our payment provider, with steps to retrieve the amount you've requested.

Extra Help: If You Want To Send Money To Loved Ones In Ukraine

If you are a Revolut user, the company has decided to waive international payment fees on external bank transfers to Ukraine for 30 days, so you can utilise their platform.

Thank you for your donations in support of Ukraine. 

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