Support Local Schools this Christmas with the Juno Wellbeing Giftcard

LetsLocalise is a Digital Social Innovation Platform that provides a solution to the challenge of financial cuts in the schools.

It is a simple but ground-breaking way of enabling schools to tap into social capital within the community that they have previously found difficult to access. The platform creates interconnections between members of the community and their local schools. By allowing schools to share details of upcoming events, skills, and work experience needs, fundraisers and more, individuals and companies can clearly see how and where they can most productively offer their help, time and money in ways that are productive, meaningful and enjoyable. Thus, helping schools to build an army of supporters who can help as and when needed!

As they embark on this noble journey to help millions of children across the nation, they seek your support for local schools on LetsLocalise.

Put simply, LetsLocalise is far more than just a fundraising platform! They are the only fundraising website designed specifically for schools, and empower people to support their schools in the most effective ways possible.

LetsLocalise have created a unique system through which schools can broadcast their specific needs and highlight them to people in their community who can then provide the resources, money, or time to help.

In this way, they can maximise the benefits of goodwill amongst parents, grandparents and local people, to make sure schoolchildren of all ages can receive a well-rounded education. This, after all, is what so many of us care about.

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Support local schools this Christmas with the Juno Wellbeing Giftcard

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